The Olive Style Icon Awards Ceremony happened last night! And as we all know, our dear Leader Kim Hyun Joong has won most popular idol! Here's the video for his acceptance speech. I was actually shocked when I saw the video! Leader was about to say his acceptance speech with 6yr old Kim Soo Jung asked him for a kiss. He kissed the little girl on the cheek, but then she asked to be kissed on the lips! Hyun Joong obliged, and so the lucky little girl got a smack in the lips. Awwww! Congratulations Leader!

Translation for speech:

Now, allowed the cute Kim Soo Jung to reveal for everybody, this is voted by everybody, participated by 250,000 people. The most popular Icon Award - 2009 Star Icon Netizen Awards.

Kim Soo Jung: Most popular Icon Award winner is..... 'Boys Over Flowers', SS501's Kim Hyun Joong oppa~ Congratulations~

MC: 'Boys over Flowers' was a hot topic since its broadcast. Kim Hyun Joong has maintained his popularity since then. This award was awarded by netizen and audiences to determine the most popular icon award winner.

Hyun Joong: Thank you. This is the first time I challenged my acting skill, winning the most popular icon award... being loved by everybody and is awarded the Most Popular icon! Really very happy. Whether as a singer or an actor, I will humbly and earnestly work harder. For 44 days, all the 150,000 fans, you have really worked hard! I will work harder to be the diligent Kim Hyun Joong~ Thank you!

Credit: (Chinese translation) 睡娟@Baidu KHJ + (English translation)
Repost only with full credits.

Kim Hyun Joong accepting his award
... He looks dashing in his black suit! He definitely is a Style Icon!

See more pics here!

Hyun Joong kissing Kim Soo Jung (Crystal) first on the cheek, then on the lips! Lucky little girl!

Pic credits: as tagged on pics

Fancam focusing on Leader before he accepted his award... he looks gorgeous!
Video Uploader: shirbogurl@Youtube


Cris Alisasis said...

WOW! O_O Lucky little girl indeed! Wish I was 6. Hahaha! XD

Congratulations, Kim Hyun Joong! You've absolutely captivated us with your style. ^_^

Karen said...

HJL looks sooo handsome in his tux...
lucky lucky girl :)

I think manager should start taking care of himself too... SERIOUSLY, i have seen how much care he has given our SS501 men, but he should start a healthier lifestyle so he can continue taking very good care of our Men for a very long time

Mikai said...

I dunno how to say this but the little girl made me smile when she asked leader for another kiss 'coz she receive it with open lips as if its a french kiss. (ang dumi ng isip ko noh hehehe)

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