November 24, 2009

Kim Hyung Jun - One Love

For my second video attempt, it's Hyung Jun Maknae's turn on the spotlight. We all know how Baby is "bullied" by the other members, right? But of course, we also know that this is just how the members show affection to their youngest. This is just my second vid, so please bear with me. ^_^ I'm still learning. I used the song "One Love" by Acel Bisa, because it has a lullaby feel to it... like lulling a baby to sleep. And because Maknae is the "Baby" of the group, I thought it should go well with the concept. To all Hyung Jun fans, hope you like the video!

"The road has been the hardest for the youngest... but with all the love and support, he stands firm and faces adversity with strength and determination."


mokona said...

is that young saeng i see eating ice cream at the back? so cute, swinging on the hammock. haha got distracted by him swinging at the back.

phtriples said...

yeah, that's young saeng alright. ^_^ hehe.

libby29 said...

hehehe! ang cute ni baby especially when he cried... another nice video made by you.... pls do make a lot kate.

phtriples said...

thanks ate rips!!! ^_^ hopefully i'll have the time to make more. hehe.

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