November 11, 2009

SS501 Game: Just For Fun!

I saw this game posted in soompi forums by sunnyskys* (credits also to Quainte forums) and it looks fun, so I'm reposting it here as well... I actually had a hard time answering, but here it goes...

Copy and paste the code below and fill in your answers:

1. Pick one member only for each category! It may be hard but that's the point/fun part of the game!
2. Double voting will not be counted since it won't be fair anyway.
3. Feel free to use abbreviations or nicknames but don't be ambiguous (e.g., "HJ" or "Hyung Joong" or "Hyeong Jung" = I don't know if you're talking about Baby or Leader)

The husband: The member of SS501 who you think matches your personality and you can see them being a good lifelong partner and father
The lover/boyfriend: Boyfriend material but you are unsure if he fits into your ideal husband or father image but going on dates will be fun.
The ex-boyfriend: The member who you feel like you broke up with.
The best friend: Best friend who you can share all your secrets with and will not like him in a romantic way.
The crush: You like this member but am not sure he will be a good boyfriend.

Credits: sunnyskys* + Quainte forums + lovewls (icons used)

My Answers:

The Husband:
Kyu Jong.

A husband is that one person who you want to spend the rest of your life with, and this is really a tough one for me, because in my overall ranking, Leader really is at the top of my list. But I choose Kyu Jong for this because my ideal husband would be sweet, affectionate, nice, playful, the boy next door type of guy. And Kyu really fits that to a T. And seeing Kyu in their show The Mission, where he took care of that little boy in the theme park, I could totally see that he would be a great dad. A cool but firm kind of dad. And Kyu really strikes me as someone who is faithful. And that's one important quality I look for in a guy. I think he's the kind of guy who will never cheat on his wife.

The Lover/Boyfriend:
Hyun Joong.

As much as I want to put Leader in the husband category, something tells me that he's much suited in the lover/boyfriend category. Why? I can't really explain. Maybe because he has this magnetic quality in him that makes him really exciting and thrilling and add that to his insanely 4D way of thinking and sense of humor, he's the kind of guy who will make dates unique and fun and memorable. The thing is, I'm a little unsure if we will get along well in marriage. Hahaha! He's kind of intimidating and he's too popular! We would probably end up fighting because I'd be too jealous of all the girls wanting a piece of him. Although thinking about being married to Leader, there will definitely be no dull moment when I'm with him. Arrggh. Like I said, the first and second categories are the toughest ones. I almost put Leader as the husband. But there you go...

The Ex-boyfriend:
Young Saeng.

I feel like I could be with Young Saeng. I could totally see him as boyfriend material. And he's hoott!!! But he's a Scorpio like me, so I guess we clash on some areas of our personalities. We're both too passionate and secretive, that I think our relationship wouldn't really be good for the long term. Chances are, we would break up.

The Best Friend:
Jung Min.

I didn't even have second thoughts with this one. Mal hands down! He's such a bundle of joy. He talks a lot and he's just plain wacky and crazy. I feel like he's the type that I could talk to about anything, and have crazy laughtrips with. I could totally see myself joking around and having fun with Jung Min. But our relationship would be just purely platonic. No romantic feelings involved. For some reason, I just don't see him that way. Hehe.

The Crush:
Hyung Jun.

Baby is gorgeous, no doubt about that. He's a certified pretty boy. And I like him a lot! But he's too babyish for me. Although I think Hyung Jun has matured a lot now, I still see him as a baby! In fairness, I think Maknae will make a good boyfriend, if you're into the young, boyish types. I guess he fits the CRUSH category, coz I'm just gonna be admiring him from a distance.

JUST FOR THE RECORD: Leader is still my #1!!! I just wanted to set that straight, in case you guys get any ideas. Hehe. Now it's your turn. Let's hear your answers! Air out your sentiments in the comments section. :)

P.S. Can I change my mind about Kyu & Leader? I'm having 2nd thoughts, I feel like I should interchange them. Hahaha!


Maha said...

The Husband: Hyung Jun
The Lover/Boyfriend: Jung min
The Ex-boyfriend: Young Saeng
The Best Friend:Hyun Joong
The Crush: Kyu Jong

youee said...

i love this game :)

husband is kyujong, no doubt at all! all my friends have told me that him and i would be so perfect for eachother, and just last night i had a dream about walking in the park with him and though "woww wouldnt that be the most perfect life?" hehe ^^ <3 he does strike as faithful, and he's so gentlemanly and down to earth~

choosing the boyfriend is really hard...but i think i'm gonna have to go with youngsaeng...i can really imagine him singing me to to sleep and hugging me in his warm comfortable arms...:D he's so passionate, i could even choose him as a husband...bahhaah ='D

the ex-boyfriend will be hyungjun...nothing against him of course! i just think he's really such a softee sometimes, so i'd probably break up with him for that reason. still love everything about him to death though! ;))

best friend is jungmin, thats automatic! he's actually my personal favorite, and i wouldnt even mind having a romantic relationship with him! but he's just the kind of guy i would find it so easy to be around and NEVER EVER get bored with. my best friend fo' life ^.-

and of course...the crush is hyunjoong. im crazy about him, i admit ><'' but like you said, he's so popular i'd be too afraid and intimidated to have anything more than a crush~ i'd just be loving and caring for him from a distance =]

kimyumi said...

The Lover/Boyfriend- KYU JONG
The Ex-boyfriend- KIM HYUN JOONG
The Best Friend- JUNG MIN


Cris Alisasis said...

The Husband: Hyun Joong
--- Despite his "bad boy" image, I know Hyun Joong will be a good husband & father. I have seen his sense of responsibility & the way he has kept up to his promises during his appearance with HwangBo on We Got Married. I want a husband who can take care of me as much as I take care of him. I want a husband who can stick to his promises & never forgets them. HJ, being a "Leader", I know he can provide a happy & satisfying life. And just like him, I also want my lifetime partner to be just like my friend. I have always believed that this kind of relationship lasts longer. ^_^

The Lover/Boyfriend: Young Saeng
--- I love Young Saeng. I adore Young Saeng. I can sense that he's been longing for a romantic partner, and I am very much willing to be that girl. HAHAHA!!! Behind his shy features, I know he is really a sweetheart. <3

The Ex-Boyfriend: Kyu Jong
--- I always thought that Kyu Jong is the sweetest one of them all, which is enough for him to become a boyfriend material. But after hearing his recent interview about not going into marriage if his parents disapproves it... I don't think we will get along on that part. >.<

The Best Friend: Jung Min
--- Loads of fun times together, no idle moments. Just pure laughter all throughout. I am a very perky person, and I want someone who will respond to my sprightly gestures, and I see that Jung Min will. ^__^

The Crush: Hyung Jun
--- This gorgeous man is just too young for me. Well, all of them are, but Baby Jun is just waaaaay to young for me. His cuteness & sweetness will always be admired though. ^_^

Mikai said...

I think its YOUNG SAENG (in my mind Hyun Joongie and Kyu's bugging around), I need someone who's serious and matured enough to handle family matters. Actually we don't have the same personalities but his can compensate mine’s.

For a boyfriend I have no other in mind but LEADER. I dunno what KHL has that made me hooked to him. I think he did cast a spell on me LOLS

This could be KYU since even if he love me or I’m his ideal girl, he can turn me down if his parents oppose to our relationship. Honestly I was kinda disappointed after reading some articles about the show Champagne.

JUNGMIN can be the bestfriend you’ve been wishing for. He can be your crying shoulder when you’re hurting, a listening ear when you have problems, and a jolly clown when you’re sad.

I think this would be MAKNAE, he’s so handsome there’s no doubt about it. But we’re both childish so I guess its enough to admire him from a distance ^_^.

This game really gave me a headache. Just for the record I would still settle for Joongie > Otter > Kyu > Jung Min > Baby

LyN said...

The Husband: YOUNG SAENG!! - I personally think that YS will be a really good husband..him saying that he got hurt a lot of times before and wanted to be a bad guy just so he wont be hurt again doesn’t affect me at all…when he love someone, he will give his all..and I think he will be a good father too..i like the way he talk to kids to make them feel at ease even meeting him the first time (I got this idea when I watched SOS)

The Lover/Boyfriend: Kyu Jong - he’s really sweet and lovable that’s why I choose him as my boyfriend. I think going out on dates with him would be really fun and romantic. Kyu jong is such a romantic guy..and very kind too..^_^

The Ex-boyfriend: Hyun Joong – well that is because he’s the one I got to know first..because of BOF & WGM, I fell in love with him..and then I saw the whole group and my attention suddenly switched to young saeng! I still admire leader though..but he’s just the one I used to love..and then….we broke up..haha..

The Best Friend: Jung Min – this is doubt its jung min..he is so fun to be with..there will be no dull moments!! I think I will choose to be with him if I have some love problems or other problems and he sure would cheer me up!!

The Crush: Hyung Joon – The first time I saw SS501, my eyes laid on baby..he is just so cute..i still have a crush on him until now..but I think he is not the boyfriend material for me…i will still continue admiring him though.

Gabby said...

The Husband: Hyun Joong
He is sweet especially in times you don't expect him to be, he will just surprise you with his heart-warming lines & plans. He is serious in times that needs to be serious, he is sincere and intelligent in dealing problems. Super funny when you're together, no dull moments! He is not boring.. I don't like too serious & nice guys.. ^^ He is a perfect husband and father to our children.. ^^

The Lover/Boyfriend: Kyu Jong
Kyu is sweet and nice. But if I can choose a member more than one category, I would still choose leader in this part. I want to meet a guy that just like leader, be my first & last lover. And make sure, he's the ONE. ^^

The Ex-boyfriend: Young Saeng
I just love YS the way he wrote a song for his x-girlfriend and I want to be that lucky girl. But if I can break the rules, this category is blank.. ^^

The Best Friend: Jung Min
Just like many of you answer, I felt the same way too for him.

The Crush: Hyung Jun
He's pretty and that's all. hehe He is perfect only for this category. If I could break the rules, Kyu & YS will be here too! ^^

xandy said...

xandy said:

The Husband: Kyu

♥ I wanna spend the rest of my life with someone like him because I know he'll be a really really good & faithful husband. I know he can take care of me, and that he's willing to make sacrifices for me. He is selfless person, that he'll think of others first before himself and that really captured my heart. He's the kind of guy that would think of "Family comes first" and we all know that our family is the most important people in our life. :) I love him for being sweet in his very own special ways.Kyu for life.I uber love him!!! ^^ he's my ideal guy.(giggle)

The Lover/Boyfriend: Leader

♥ I just love his 4D personality, so I can assure that I'll never get bored having him as my boyfriend. I know we can get along because he loves rock music & I myself love rock music, I seldom listen to Love song's & RNB's. I love black & tribal signs as well as leader loves skulls, those are the few things we have in common.Oh! and did I mention that he's way too HOT!!! I just looooooove bad boys. :)

The Ex-boyfriend: Baby

♥ I really do get confused between choosing baby & Leader as my boyfriend & ex-boyfriend because I like so much. but I think leader is more boyfriend material type compared to baby.Baby is just too sensitive and can be a little bit immature(although he's more mature now) considering the fact that he's our maknae, even though I really loved him, chances are we could still break up because of not getting along.He's really a cry baby & that would really broke my heart to see him always cry so I'll be ending up comforting him.Sad to say, I'm the type of person who likes being comfort rather than the other way around.He's just too cute & adorable that he can also be under the "crush" category.

The Best Friend: Mal

♥ Just like everybody else..There's no doubt why everyone wants Jung Min as the best friend because I know he can really cheer me up whenever I'm down and he's so lively and noisy.haha! and I love it! I, myself is also very noisy especially when I'm hanging around with my friends in public, I can be as wild as I can, fooling and dorking around.So I can imagine that when someone like Jung Min is with me, it'll be a so FUN! :) and oh! before I forget, I laugh & screams loudly.haha! :D

The Crush: Saengie

♥ YS is the "Prince Charming" type of guy when you first see him.I really admire him, especially in the episodes of S.O.S when he's the one taking care of the boy, that was like "aawww. .so heart melting". And wow!this guy's voice can really make any girl fall inlove with him.YS really has a lot of good qualities in him but I guess, my feelings is just limited to pure crush and admiration. :)

racris said...

the husband:kyujong
the lover/boyfriend:hyunjoong
the ex-boyfriend:youngsaeng
the bestfriend:jungmin
the crush:hyungjun

the husband:kyujong
my honey kyu...ill choose him to be my forever partner because i think he is a good husband and father to his future child. i like him because he is a sweet and caring person in the group.

the boyfriend/lover:hyunjoong
the leader...although he is #1 in my ranking,ill choose him to be my lover/boyfriend not because hes not sweet at all but i like the way he care for the girl and also his 4dness..

the ex-boyfriend:youngsaeng
the quiet prince...honestly,i dont like the quiet person but i like him the way he sing and his smile.he is not a material boyfriend for me but i will continue to admiring him and thats all.

the bestfriend:jungmin
the funny one.i will laugh so hard everytime i wactch his funny act.i like him to be my bestfriend only.

the crush:hyungjun
hes so cute thats why i admire him but i think were not suit to be lovers because he is young at heart.

Geca said...

I'd love to play too!!!

The husband: Jung Min - he also fits as my best friend because we share the same brain wavelength LOL. but in reality husbands should also be our bestfriends, plus I always wish that I'll marry someone like Jung Min.

The lover/boyfriend: Young Saeng <<< Dude I really don't know what I ate, but anything and everything about you makes me forget that I'm older than you hahaha

The ex-boyfriend: Leader - I followed SS501 because of him (BOF craze of course), but I'm now getting annoyed if he's getting all the attention (sorry)

The best friend: Kyu Jong - if there's a brother option, I'd love to have kyu as my little brother. But since there's none, then I'll just be his best friend, always being there for each other, to give out a helping hand and push him to chase Yoobin!!!

The crush: Baby - he has the IDOL quality on stage. he's the first one I noticed when I was just a new fan. until now I can't help but be glued to this guy whenever I watch them perform...but off stage is a different story hahaha

**whew** That was hard, since I see them all as my little brothers. I've made a lot of changes before coming up with the final answer LOL

Luna les reveur said...

the husband: young saeng
the lover/boyfriend: hyun joong
the ex-boyfriend: hyung jun
the bestfriend: kyujong
the crush: jung min

i can only think of reasons for placing Young Saeng as my hubbie... but although i like him a lot, i still cannot think of him as good husband... it's still leader.. o my wat am i saying... but i don't know i still chose him... may be because he's really the one i like


Anonymous said...

Husband: kyujong
boyfriend: hyun joong
Ex-boyfriend: hyung jun
Bestfriend: Jung min
Crush: young saeng
kyu jong oppa is father material..:) i do love his actions.. he's very lovable.. Hehe lol!:)

elen122207 said...

Husband: Young Saeng
Boyfriend: Hyun Joong
Ex-Boyfriend: Hyung Jun
Bestfriend: Jung Min
Crush: Kyu Jong

Saengie is the perfect ideal husband for me..i like the way he carry himself. the naughty look that made me think "i have a surprise for you wife"...the sexy smile whispering "i'm yours no matter what"...the mysterious style saying "your wish is my command my lady"...the soothing voice singing "all i wanna grow old with you"...
His a husband, boyfriend,bestfriend and crush rolled into one...what more can i ask for?

jovelyn said...

The Husband: Leader

I think we’ll get along well since we happen to be similar about some things. He doesn’t like mushy things and I don’t like them too. When I saw him in WGM, he may be blunt and expressionless but these kinds of people are the people who care a lot about their loved ones. They don’t really show it, they just do it. I find it sweeter when someone does something without me knowing it and he is like that. I will be laughing everyday in my life when I’m with him. I think I will understand his 4D ways because I am also quite a weird person. I’m actually viewed as someone who doesn’t seem to care and that I have my own little place in the world.

The Boyfriend: Hyung Jun

Baby Jun strikes me as someone who will be nice to his girlfriend. He doesn’t seem to be a bad boy or someone who would cheat to his girlfriend. He’s like what others would call “The Trophy Boyfriend”. I think he loves his family and that he’s passionate about his dreams. Although he is quite overly sensitive sometimes, but if something wrong happens in the relationship; he’ll be the first one to suggest and fix it because of the fear of losing me. Hehe.

The Best Friend: Kyu Jong

Kyu is like the sweetest of them all. He’s the center of the group and he keeps the balance all the time. He seems to be someone who puts everyone else before him first. I like the fact that he’s not to wacky and funny and not overly sensitive. He’s really a nice guy, someone I could tell my secrets with and we can talk about everything all we want.

The Ex- Boyfriend: Young Saeng

Young Saeng to me is like the playboy in the group. I don’t know but his actions and mannerism seems like what playboys do. He may be quiet and shy but I think that’s his simple way of attracting girls. I think he has some secrets hidden behind that shyness and being quiet.

The Crush: Jung Min

I think it’s easy to like Mal. He is just simply adorable and funny. He’ll make me laugh all the way. His antics and gestures are wacky. I can only see these gestures from him and no one else. He has a fun nature. He brings brightness to me because he’s so fun to be with.

Preeti said...

Husband: Kyu Jung
Lover/ Boyfred: Young Saeng
Ex-boyfrd: Baby
Best Frd: Leader
The crush: Jung Min

City Aisyah said...

Mine is..

Husband : Kyu Jong
Lover/boyfriend : Jung Min
Ex-boyfriend : Hyun Joong
Best friend : Hyung Jun
The crush : Young Saeng..

:. I just love someone like Kyu to be my husband one day.. To have hyung jun as my best my friend, it can be fun.. ;)

kollfen said...

Husband: Leader (bot really because of BIAS)
Lover/Boyfriend: Kyu Jong-Oppa (well, he is the BOYFRIEND MATERIAL TYPE)
Ex-Boyfriend: Jung Min-Oppa (Merely, because, we don't fit actually)
Best Friend: Sangie-Oppa (A Best Friend Type he is)
Crush: Maknae (He is my semi-BF material TYPE)

KaidaRita said...

The husband: I think Leader and I would get along pretty well. Both of us don't really like mushy lovey dovey stuff. I don't think he really likes bees, and I hate bees. But there is one thing we are opposite of, he is fearless, I'm a scaredy cat. Other than that I think it would be okay.

The lover/boyfriend: I think Young Saeng. But I don't know much of him, he is a bit mysterious and quiet. He would still be one of my preferred types.

The ex-boyfriend: Hyung Joon. I don' really know why, but it just seems that we may not be compatible. Though we both are the youngest in our group of friends

The best friend: Kyu Jong seems like the type of person who would listen to your problems without telling anyone else. He also seems like the type who likes helping

The crush: Jung Min seems to be my crush type. Energetic, charismatic, and fun loving. But I'm not sure if I can say the crush will last. Even if it doesn't I know I won't feel awkward afterwards.

snow_flower said...

woah really. Your answers meets EXACTLY to mine, even the reasons! p.s. I'm also a Scorpio

SMoton said...

husband - kyujong - he is so sweet n gentle n nice, it seems like he will always sacrifice anything for you and take care of you and he also values family very highly

boyfriend- saengie - he is sooo cute and artistic and rly deep ... i wanna take walks on the beach with him during the sunset or draw/paint and explore museums and have him sing songs to me in his angelic voice

crush- leader - you all know why lol he is gorgeous !! but he is uncomfortable around new people it takes him a long time to get used to someone and hes mean to girls he likes (he said in WGM) so despite his funny 4d personality i will have to just keep him my crush

best friend- jungmin - every moment will be so fun and happy with him <3

exboyfriend- baby - idk y i just cant get into him - sometimes he seems annoying and sometimes rly sweet lol idk ..

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