Let's take a look at an interview of the boys from Five Men's Five Years DVD (another reason why it's a must buy!) Let's get to know their thoughts through this interview. But before we get to the interview, let me just say... Woah!!! I can't believe it's already my 501th post! Time does fly fast when you're enjoying yourself. My day now is never complete without news or pictures from the boys. I just started this blog last August, and now it's like a second home to me. I've met a lot of wonderful friends and fellow Triple S fans, that I'm really grateful for. Together, let's enjoy and support SS501! Thank you to all my readers and followers and to all Triple S fans! I never would have done this without your support guys. Cheers! Fighting! Now on to the interview...

Q: For this 5 years, from debut to now, what was your most satisfactory and regret incident?

Hyun Joong: I have never gave up my dream and finally I fulfilled my dream. During the most difficult bottleneck period, it was very exhausting to break free from the low spirit and to pull myself together again.

Young Saeng: I am most satisfied that 5 of us finally fulfilled our dream together. 5 of us meeting together, and became a group called SS501. In addition, the sense of accomplishment of winning the new comer award. It is most regrettable because of having many members, each will bring up our own opinion and then often will cause disagreement. Sometimes, when 5 of us performed on stage together, but could not sing due to some reason. During that time would also feel it was such a pity.

Kyu Jong: We had already participated in variety show before debut. After debut, we received lots of adoration from our fans and it is continued up till today, I am very happy. Most regrettable was not long after debut, we went to Japan for official debut. Someone had pointed out that comparing to initial debut period, local SS501 fans had decreased tremendously. During that time, I felt very regret, but now then I knew the oversea activities had made me grow up and with the advantages of the difficulties met in oversea activities, I can come to Malaysia and has the opportunity to move forward. From now on, I will not loose my original intention, I will work harder to be a singer which people coveted.

Jung Min: In the past 5 years? Already past 5 years, time past really fast. Most satisfied is when 5 of us debut together and won the new comer award and others. I am happy in every moment and can't choose which incident. Most regrettable is although we have put in effort but the end result was not as we expected. Also, I wanted to repay our fans but it is a pity that it was not quite satisfactory.

Hyung Joon: It has been 5 years since we debut. Firstly, I am proud of successfully debut and is grateful to my members who have gone through the process together with me. I am most satisfied that SS501 successfully conquered a place in the music circle, there's a sense of achievement in this. Most regrettable is we still have a long way to go, but are restrained by time and other factor, we couldn't always meet with the local fans but are always oversea. Other than that, I am very satisfied.

Q: Being labelled as idol, do you think that it is a restrainer or luck?

Hyun Joong: Our song is idol music which mainly targeted to 10-20 years old age group and not pop music, but currently pop music proportion has increased in the music circle, therefore the term idol do not have much meaning.

Young Saeng: I have a positive attitude towards the term idol. It is originally my dream to be an idol, so I do not think that I could not choose the genre of song because of being an idol. Instead, because of being an idol and is supported by many fans, it is the greatest motivation for me to move forward. Because of being an idol, even though I made mistake, fans also adores me, gaining a lot from here, I will continue to work harder. For me, it may be said that is lucky.

Kyu Jong: Since young, my greatest dream is to be an idol and wishing to hear the term idol. Therefore now I felt very satisfied that I can continue to hear that. Wish to hear people say, Kim Kyu Jong is a member of SS501. To me, it is not a restrainer that hinders my advancement but it is luck.

Jung Min: I have prejudiced over idol originally, therefore sometimes will think that it will be better if I am not an idol. However, because I am idol and being able to get the support and adoration of the fans, these are something that can be labelled good or bad. I am grateful for everybody's adoration.

Hyung Joon: From certain angle, it might be a restrainer, but because I am an idol, everybody know SS501 member - Kim Hyung Joon, this is lucky and not a restrainer. Fans' support SS501 member - Kim Hyung Joon, and know that in SS501 there's a person call Kim Hyung Joon, I am grateful for that. In future, 5 of us have many things that we wish to do, of course, also have some things which we wish to do in solo, but I think it is lucky that I am a part of the 5 individuals.

Q: Myself in 10 years time?

Hyun Joong: Because of this I have been ascertaining everyday. I even think of what kind of person I would be in front of the audience after 10 years time. I have already confirmed answer. 10 years later, I will be an outstanding artist, have communication with fans, become a singer which can fully enjoy my own music and leisure life.

Young Saeng: 10 years later I am 34 years old, until then I will continue to make music. The possibility of engaging in other work cannot be excluded, but I do not want to give up on music, so my work will not change. In addition, although I still don't want to get marry now, but might get married in 10 years.

Kyu Jong: 10 years later, I will be married and become a parent. But during that time, I will still want to sing. For the sake of current and future fans, I want to sing songs which will touch people heart. I want to be a parent and singer that could sing for entire life.

Jung Min: During that time, I will be a child's father, become a capable parent. At that time, become a singer and actor as SS501 member.

Hyung Joon: Maybe I will get married. My dream is to get married soon and it is also a target. Hope that in the next 10 years, I will be more matured and met the person I love. It is difficult being a member in a group, but when the time reach, I will marry the person I love and enjoy a happy life while singing together with SS501 members. Even if become older, but will become a charming parent.

Q: To me, what is the meaning of other SS501 members?

Hyun Joong: We are not old friends but were practiced together for 7 years. Having spend one third of our life together. Although our fate started from work, but now they are like family members, and has become friends that are absolutely essential in my life.

Young Saeng: To me, SS501 members are like my family members. Because the time I spend together with them is even longer than my parents. They are like my own brothers or family members. They are friends which are absolutely essential in my life.

Kyu Jong: To me, they are my family members that help me fulfill my dreams. 5 person that once walk our own path, become a group of one heart and mind until today. They are my best friend and family members that help realize my dreams.

Jung Min: Not long ago, we have separate activities. For the first time, I joined in comedic musical and I missed my members. I also felt something which I do not feel when 5 of us are together. Only when separate then you know how to treasure. From this, I also know that they are also an important part in my life.

Hyung Joon: Although we are not family member or brothers but they are like my own brothers. If lack of one person, will feel very uneasy, will think of him, worry about him. We will definitely not go apart. Just like super glue.

Q: Who is your life role model?

Hyun Joong: Whether is oversea or in Korea, there are many singers. Choosing any one of them, taking him as a role model. I will never surpass him, but will go through great pain in order to surpass him. For this, what can I do? For example, I like Michael Jackson, also like Oasis. Although the music style is totally different for these 2 singers but to me it is not important.

Young Saeng: I have a lot of desires, so my role model is not only 1, but a few. I would like to follow their strong points, so I do not want to designate a specific person as role model.

Kyu Jong: Before debut, when I see my seniors dancing on stage, I would also wish to dance on stage. That is my only desire. After debut, meeting with many people and entering into society, I gain a lot of experience from honest and hardworking people. There is no special role model. I will learn from them and will continue to put in effort in future too.

Jung Min: I do not have role models, this is my strength and also my weakness. I have never thought of following others. I just hope to achieve the target to be a role model of others.

Hyung Joon: My life role models are my parents, because every part of them could be a role model. Of course, there's a lot of singers whom I wish to follow, but I wish to be a role model of others. To me, the most fundamental role model are still my parents.

Q: My image

Hyun Joong: I always wish to create new responses. To create song which is unique for fans to listen, also want to show Hyun Joong's music is very unique and interesting.

Young Saeng: I am a frank person. I wish to show my sincere side to everybody but was very tense during filming. Therefore, felt burden to show eloquence speech and could not show a sincere side. Hope that everybody will be able to see my sincere character so that one of these day when fans mentioned about me, they will think of the term sincerity.

Kyu Jong: I hope to let everybody see the effort I put in. However, putting in effort will definitely gain result, so I will definitely become a wonderful singer with great results.

Jung Min: I hope everybody can see my honest side, other than this there is nothing else. Being frank is one of the charm of SS501, we do not want to artificially shape our image.

Hyung Joon: Simply put, frank and cheerful look is my image. Talking about my target, I am already 23 years old, I wish to show the image of an adult, showing the matured look. Cute and handsome image although is good but wish to display the side of a strong man.

Q: Music Style to pursue

Hyun Joong: Now I am dance singer, I feel that dance music is very important. However, I would like to show the image of an artist to everybody. Because of that, I am constantly learning and researching. After 5 or 6 years, maybe I will be able to make music which I like. The genre could be British rock style but cannot determine what kind of music style will be popular during that time.

Young Saeng: I have many desires. The genre of music which I wish to create include rock music, jazz, American style music, pop songs, ballads and many others. However, the genre which I pursue after will be my own creation, Heo Young Saeng's style music. Later, I wish to listen words of "This song's music style is created by Heo Young Saeng."

Kyu Jong: 5 of us singing together, I would like to reflect our hearts in the song. Later, if I have the opportunity to release my solo album, I would like to personally write my own song, sharing my feelings with fans.

Jung Min: I do not want to be a music warrior, but the members want to release stimulating songs and fix it as theme song. For me, rather than having the image of a warrior, sharing song with fans are more important. I want to sing songs which can convey my heart. Also love ballad and new age music and would like to challenge that field. Recently, I am started learning to compose music, soon I will be able to introduce song which has Park Jung Min's tone.

Hyung Joon: Our music is subjected to many restriction, including the dance need to show a variety of performances, but will be restricted. I have been paying attention on pop dance, R&B Soul. Few days ago, released in the special album, there is a song which I composed. Comparing to pop song which is popular in oversea, I placed more emphasis on R&B and pop dance, and like dance song more than ballads.

Q: Thing that left most impact in your mind is?

Hyun Joong: The thing that I remembered most was during the trainee period, I only minimum for food and transportation cost, so I always eat a bowl of noodle and thought that it was very meaningful.

Young Saeng: That must be the debut performance. From pre-debut to now, when go on open stage or outdoor shoot, it would always rain. There's no exception even for the debut stage. There's one day, during the rehearsal, one member suddenly fell down, it was also raining outside, because of that we were also called "Idol that summon rain -- SS501". Everytime during an open air performance, I will think: "Ah! Today will also rain."

Kyu Jong: After completed the debut performance, my tears flow uncontrolled. Incident happened during that time still remained in my mind. Even now, I am touched when watching again the video of our crying scene during the debut. I will never forget that moment.

Jung Min: When winning the new comer award, I felt a sense of accomplishment and pride.

Hyung Joon: Same like other member, I will not forget the day when we won the new comer award for the first time. 5 of us as a body winning the prize in that year. Also, chances of winning the news comer award was only once, so was very nervous. There were many other excellent nominators, we were really lucky to win the new comer award. I can't stop my tears. Even when attending the dinner I was so happy and shed tears again. The next target is to put in even more effort to win an even bigger prize.

Q: Is there times when you want to run away from the stage?

Hyun Joong: When dancing on stage and trousers were torn.

Q: Things that you are most concerned of recently?

Hyun Joong: Recently always felt lonely, so thinking of buying a puppy. Also, oil price increase tremendously, it was a burden to finance, so wanted to buy a light scooter. When travelling to training room can ride the light scooter and won't have parking problem. Just need to spend around 7000won (~USD6) and can ride for around 1 week and it is very fast (speed).

Young Saeng: I am concerned about the everyday changes, sometimes I wish to do this, sometimes I wish to do that. Last time, I was very interested in camera and love to take photographs. I even learned photography from the internet. Now, I am still taking photographs, but also have other things which I am interested in. Other than camera, I like to play game, and also because I am a singer, I also like music.

Kyu Jong: Recently, 5 of us started to learn to compose, because of that, it is my greatest concern now. Also since we always go to oversea, naturally more interested in foreign language and greeting method.

Jung Min: I love to eat and like clothes. I am considering to open a restaurant or boutique. Recently, I just started to learn composing, have purchased some equipment, so wish to compose song for fans to listen. In addition, also preparing the new SS501 album. I am concerned with more than 1 thing, my mind is in a mess.

Hyung Jun: I am most concerned about writing lyrics and composing, to improve my ability in music creation. Also, few days ago filmed a short clip series, found that it is very interesting. If I have chance, I would like to be an actor, because of this, I am getting training for acting.

Q: When will you feel lonely?

Hyun Joong: Fans give us unlimited supports and adorations, in turn, we will continue to strive for personal advancement. In this process, would undergo great pressure and felt most lonely. Can't even confide to friends but only can solve the problem myself.

Young Saeng: I am most lonely when reaching autumn. Because I am staying alone, returning home after work and there's nobody, during this time I felt most depressed.

Kyu Jong: I'm not able to go shopping or other places with my friend or member during the festival season and public holiday this make me very lonely but i am still able to endure it.

Jung Min: I always felt lonely, because don't have a girl friend. But lonely is human destiny. I have things that I want to do, also have friends, so do not have time to feel lonely.

Hyung Joon: In the past 5 year, I have comprehend a lot of things. I often felt lonely and always showed my feelings to the members. When I was feeling down, felt lonely and depressed, the members can tell from one look. I has a best friend whom I know for 10 years, I don't have a lot of friends in school. Also, because a lot of people could recognized me in the day, I could not go out, only can go out alone during late night, it is very lonely. I want to watch movie, but because a lot of people looking at me and felt burden, during this time I also felt lonely.

Q: People that supported me

Hyun Joong: Of course are my friends. My old friends are mostly since kindergarten, primary school until now. Our fate has exceeded 15 or close to 20 years. They understand me more than my parents and I will confide to them.

Young Saeng: The person whom are most trustworthy is my mum. She is like my friend. When I have difficulties and worries, I will discuss with her. Therefore, my mother is my support.

Kyu Jong: SS501 members and our company staff and my family members.

Jung Min: This contains a lot of meaning. To me, family members, our members, fans and friends are people which I treasured, and my bank book.

Hyung Joon: During the time are SS501 members. Fans and audience gave me carrot & cane (meaning praise and comment), it was a great help. Although when everybody see the bad side of us and felt not happy, but I still love comments, it helped our growth. Also, only when there are fans that care for SS501, then SS501 will exist.

Q: To fans

Hyun Joong: I heard, this DVD is planned to be released during end of October or Beginning of November. Actually, I don't know what to give you, but next year, I am thinking of giving my fans a small but biggest present. Please look forward.

Young Saeng: Firstly, thank you everybody for purchasing this DVD, don't know whether everybody have any thoughts. Today I am very satisfied that I am able to present my most sincere side. I can only say Thank You to everybody. In order to let fans see the best SS501, we will continue to work harder, hope everybody will give us your support. Wish everybody will be happy. Thank You.

Kyu Jong: Time flies, unknowingly, 5 years have past after our debut. During that time, I greet everybody in Korea, but now, I am at Malaysia. Because of our fans support and love, I can come to Malaysia. In future, like what Hyun Joong hyung said, we will grow up to become singer that will fly to outer space, giving our fans a lot of happiness. We will definitely sing nice song to repay you, please wait for us. See you when we return to Korea. Wish everybody to have good health. Thank you.

Jung Min: Fans who are watching the DVD now, very thank you for always supporting SS501. We will put in extra effort to be cheerful and charming SS501. We will not let you disappointed. Hope our fans will give us care and support in future. In order to show a wonderful performance in Korea and other countries, we need a lot of preparation time, please look forward. Hope everybody will like all side of us. I am SS501's Jung Min. Bye Bye.

Hyung Joon: Fans who have always supported and loved SS501, 5 years have past. I would like to thank everybody's love and will work harder in future. SS501 will be one body forever, hope everybody will stand beside us and continue to give us support and love our music. 5 of us think, currently is only the starting point. Hope in the future 50 years, 500 year, will always support us. We will continue to put in extra effort to advance. Please take this DVD as a consolation, and look forward for future activities from SS501. Let work hard together!

Original source: '5 Men's 5 Years in 2005~2009 MBC DVD Collection' album SS501 Malaysia special interview text
Chinese translation: 妃茵@TripleSTW
English translation: SS501UFO.blogspot.com


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