Seeing the pictures of our boys from Shanghai Press Conference, it left us kinda worried that they're not looking so good (not that they don't look handsome, because no matter what, these gorgeous men will always look pretty). They're simply not very energetic and they looked tired and under the weather, especially Kyu Jong. They went straight to the presscon after arrival! No wonder they're tired. Anyway, there's really nothing we can do except continue to pray for them that they will have good health always and that they'll feel better for their Persona concert tomorrow.

Aren't we curious what went on in the Press Conference? It's a good thing that all 4 parts have been subbed. Now we can understand what really went on in the conference. Thanks to kelemama1 for subbing!

Video credits: shirbogurl@YouTube (video upload) + kelemama1@YouTube (subbing)


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