This video is a treat. These days, it's rare to find the boys without makeup, just hanging out in their hotel, and just being playful together off stage. I miss their IDOL WORLD days and TFWUU and TFRMU days. That's where I got to know their real personalities, and that's where I really fell in love with them. Here's a short interview from their Taiwan Concert... it's just a short clip, but it's so refreshing to see that side of them again. Leader looks like a lot younger with his hair not styled. He looks fresh out of the shower (such a shower buff, I love it!). Kyu is looking gorgeous and manly. Sweet Tom & Jerry moment. And YS has his hood up again (typical Otter). Thanks to NulSaRangHae for subbing and sharing!

Video Uploader/Subber: NulSaRangHae@YouTube

Credit: as tagged on pics


lainee said...

awww... I notice that Kyu Jong is holding on to a stuffed monkey.. He still sleeps with stuffed toy.. still a kid at heart.. *meltzz* the monkey must be to replace the bear to sleep with when he's touring and performing overseas...
Love him so much!!!

Kim Kyu Jong = HOT!!!!!
Heo Young Saeng = Forever Prince!!!
Saranghaeyo Kyu Jong & Young Saeng!!!!

sha filan said...

leader looks soo relax in the pic!
hahaha love the way his hair looks like that....
not covering the macho too much...just simple...
would love to see them be in a messy image..haha
dun worry...the fans still love you no matter how u look like...hahaha

phtriples said...

@lainee: kyu is sooo cute! yeah, you're right. he definitely is a kid at heart. i think they all are. the stuffed monkey might be a gift from a fan,since kyu's nickname is gorilla. hehe. he must really like stuffed toys eh? :)

@sha filan: yeah, no matter what, we will love them. leader really looks fresh after showering huh? i love that hair on him, makes him look like he did back when he was a young young boy. ^_^

sha filan said...

phtriples: yep! 200% agreed! ahahahha

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