I updated this post to include a fan account from 月光族达人 @ Baidu. Her account is really nice, it allows those of us who weren't there in Shanghai, more or less, to visualize what really transpired in the concert, as well as afterwards in the hotel. Triple S fans are really passionate! Much thanks to Belle for translating and for Liezle for posting it in her blog! I hope they don't mind me sharing it here as well. Read on...

SS501 Afterthoughts
1114 Concert Afterthoughts (Highlights from Hotel, TS are tired)
Credits: Chinese to English translation by Belle / liezle's blog

Really got too high yesterday.

I realized that TS were really calm, during pre-concert when they were showing their MV, all TS were really calm right up till the 5 of them appeared.

When DejaVu started, and the guys sang DIBIDIBI fans were shouting SS501 in English. Yesterday’s weather was cold, so it made us even more tired when shouting.

Key Info: Yesterday 5 of them really kept everyone going, Leader and Mal kept winking at us. Kyu kept twisting (扭), YS act cool, Baby was extremely cute. During their talk session, Mal kept going at Leader, Baby & Kyu for Bobo (kiss), but the 3 of them ignore him, hahahahaha. Mal is so cute.

During yesterday’s encore, the 5 guys were really happy, because of a carrot toy, Mal actually jumped down from the stage in front of us,

Then climb back up the stage. I was shock. Baby almost jump down too. Baby was very sweet, a fan threw a carrot toy up on stage and Baby immediately picked it up and gave it to Mal, haha. Some fans threw on stage some really cute hand puppet toys, Baby & YS immediately put them on and started playing with them


[Belle : Not quite sure how to translate this part… but she said,] yesterday Leader was ultra funny, in the central stage raised platform, he was shaking/dancing there in his own space, Kyu was next to him basking in the atmosphere, Kyu is definitely the type , haha basking in the whole night.

When they sang “Green Peas”, 5 of them started to stand up except for Baby who was still sitting down, until he saw the rest already walked to the front, then he hurriedly got up, haha.

Everyone was really happy. At the end of the concert, 5 of them supposed to leave the stage, but only 4 of them disappeared; leader’s platform didn’t lower due to some problem, so he was left alone on stage. He was a bit flustered hahaha. All I can say is I am very happy at the concert, the 5 of them went to every corner to say “thank you” and I was almost in tears.

I am going to write about the key info I want to share here, DSP is really very special, hotel incident starts here:

Immediately after the concert, I quickly left to go to the hotel to wait for them, never thinking that the guys were faster then us. So we decided to wait for them to have the after concert celebration. There were at least 200 fans waiting at the lobby, never would have thought there were so many fans. Later we were told there won’t be any celebration. Then the noona who has been with the guys spoke to us in Mandarin, really didn’t know she could speak mandarin. She told us to be quiet.

The 5 of them (writer keep referring to them as 5 of them 5只) were on the 2nd level and we were at the lobby below. From the start, many TS already went up to the 2nd level and some of them already started to come downstairs, but the Noona said there were some more TS upstairs who refused to come down. If they dont come down, then everything will be cancelled. This is because from the start, 2 TS and the event organizer have been in talks and were told that the 5 guys will say hello and will tell us to go home and have good rest, but the Noona was angry. She give us 3 mins to tell the TS on 2nd level to come downstairs, if not everything will be cancelled, including tomorrow's airport send off. So the 200 over fans in the lobby starting shouting at the TS on level 2 to come downstairs. They still didn't come down so we shouted "come down, come down". Finally 2 TS wearing TS tshirt went up to persuade them. After another 10 mins wait, the Noona said if we continue like this, the guys will not appear. We were all so agitated. At around midnight, the 5 of them suddenly appeared, they kept waving at us. Then Leader said to us “Today, everybody is very tired, please go home and sleep.” Mal who was next to Leader did the sleeping action, Baby and Kyu did the yawning action. Finally Leader did the Heart sign. They continued to smile at us then Mal or Baby said "see you all next year"

The 5 of them really treat the fans so very very well. Actually the Noona is also very nice. She also want us to see the 5 guys, but there were really too many people and also so very late already and the hotel still have to do business. I was very contented just to see them. After 5 mins, the 5 guys went to have something to eat. Many TS still didn’t want to leave, many still waited at the hotel. I have been chasing them for 3 days and I am just too tired. I went home at 1am. Some of the TS who communicated with me said they were going to spend the night at the hotel lobby and some TS also went to the place where the 5 guys went to get a bite.

Keke, in summary, I am very happy, DSP is also quite special, the 5 guys are really very very nice to fans.

作者:月光族达人 (this is the author)


Here's the video from the hotel, taken after the Shanghai Persona concert. Leader Hyun Joong thanks the fans on behalf of the group. They're so sweet to be thanking fans like that! By the way, is that a NEW SS501 song playing in the background of the video?! That's the first time I heard it. It sounds great! Thanks to shirbogurl for uploading the clip!

Translation by Shirbogurl:
HJL: Thanks everyone for coming here today! Next time, we'll meet you in an even better manner. Everyone should be tired already today. Please go home and rest and we'll see you at the airport tomorrow

Video Uploader: shirbogurl@YouTube

Leader makes a heart sign!
Video Uploader: faith2714@YouTube


Anonymous said...

The background song is suppose to be in the album but it was leaked
if I'm not mistaken the title of the song is "Crazy For You"

This is why I love them they're really concern about the Triple S.. so sweet
love SS501

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