[News] SS501, Wins ‘2009 MAMA’ O.S.T Award

Group SS501 won the O.S.T award in ‘2009 Mnet Asian Music Awards’.

SS501 who sang ‘Because I am Stupid’ in KBS2 ‘Boys Over Flowers’ OST, won the O.S.T award in 2009 MAMA held on 21-Nov at 7pm in Seoul JamShil indoor stadium, putting out others such as Baek JiYoung’s ‘Don’t forget (IRIS)’, Lee SeungChul’s ‘There is such a person (More Than Blue)’, T-Max’s ‘Paradise (Boys Over Flowers)’, Tiffany’s ‘Because I am alone (Princess Jamyunggo)’.

Credits : lhsro@asiae.co.kr + SS601.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com

CONGRATULATIONS to SS501 for winning the O.S.T award! I was so sad today because after all the effort we put in, we still lost in the MAMA Overseas Viewers' Awards. But at least, the boys snagged the OST award. Although I didn't even see them announce that category in the MAMA awards. Have any of you seen it? Anyway, that's done already.

Let's focus now on Yahoo! Asia Buzz Awards. Hyun Joong is leading as of the moment, but DBSK is catching up really fast! SS501 is still down at #3. Although I don't see why they put Leader separately from SS501, after all, he is part of the group. It's possible that votes are divided between SS501 and Hyun Joong. But nevertheless, Hyun Joong or SS501 should win this! Maybe we should just focus on voting for LEADER since he's the one who's leading. SS501 is so far off now, the gap between DBSK votes and SS501 votes is large! If we concentrate our votes on Leader, maybe we can ensure a win! Let us not take this for granted guys. I know we're all disheartened with our MAMA loss, but we can still get up and strive to win the next award. We have to do our part. Fighting!!!


quizzy said...

i agree kate... but also.. i want SS501 to win not just leader.. anyway.. lets do our best!!! we may have lost in the overseas award, but thats okay.. they are still number one for us!!

triple S hwaiting!!

Marge said...

fantastic news! thanks for posting, i guess the show would run too long if they showed that part as well, yeah i glued to channel v

Anonymous said...

im also sad that they separated leader from SS501. :(
i want SS501 to win. all the boys deserve it, not just leader. but then again, the difference is too big. waah.

Cris Alisasis said...

i was quite disappointed that they did not announce the winner for the OST Award. i noticed that the only ones they announced are those were only present at the awarding ceremonies. *pouts* they also did not announce the overseas viewers award. i wouldn't mind watching it for more than 4 hours if only they would give proper recognition to the ALL the artists who won, in attendance or not. *sighs*

on a brighter side, i enjoyed the performances on MAMA. ^__^ wish our men were able to perform too though...

Yahoo Asia Buzz Awards is next... Hope this one is much more better... The results now rely on our yahoo accounts & mouses hahaha! Let's work it, Triple S!!! Hwaiting!!! ^__^

phtriples said...

let's just focus on Leader guys to ensure the win! I also would like SS501 to win this, but if we have to be realistic, we have a chance to win if we allot our votes for Leader, since he's leading. Fighting!

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