Look at these photos of Hyung Jun at the KJE Chocolate show. He is such a sweetheart. Look at his gestures with the other members. He wiped Kyu's forehead (Kyu tends to sweat a lot if you noticed in his live performance pics) and look at how he touched Mal and how he looked at him and Leader... the love and affection that the youngest feels for his members are so obvious. That's why even though the other members always bully Baby he still views this as AFFECTION from them. So adorable! I can't wait for this show to be aired on Nov 7 (12:10 am Seoul Time), and then uploaded and subbed in YouTube so we could understand what they're talking about. The pictures look like they're having fun, right?! I'm sure we will all laugh again with them once the subs are out.

Credits: kimhyungjun.com + SS601


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