The Triple S Philippines meet up yesterday was a HUGE turnout! Although I wasn't able to attend (T T... sad) just seeing the pictures and hearing the fan accounts of my fellow Triple S sisters, the event was indeed a TOTAL success! There were contests and prizes, getting to know chitchats, and of course our Prince Young Saengie's birthday celebration! You guys sure had a lot of FUN! I really wish I was able to go!!! I'm so jealous guys!!! Hehehe. Anyway, there's always a next time. For now, let me congratulate you guys for all you hard work in making this meet up possible. And we still have a LOT of WORK TO DO!!! Anyway, before I get carried away, let me share a few pictures from the meetup. Thanks to akee and weng for allowing me to post them in here!


Pictures courtesy of wengvann & akee from TSPH forum

For more pictures from the event, visit Akee's multiply site.

Here's a short video clip of Triple S Philippines singing Happy Birthday to Young Saengie...

Video credit: wengvann@TSPH forum


Agatha said...

Grr! I'm sooo jealous! I failed to attend! waaah. :((
Please please please, I hope there will be a next time!!

Anonymous said...

anong newspaper un?i cant read it clearly ee. .


reeze said... inggit. i wanted to go there but it was too far. i live in the south :( congrats tsph for a successful celebration :D

Karren168 said...

Super super FUN Meet-Up!!! The Philippine Star whole page article (Mad About Korean Boys by Keri Zamora) on the picture is mine! Hope we get more exposures/write-ups like this on SS501 in any of our local magazines/newspapers... this will really boost the popularity of our SS501 Men here in the Philippines... so guys if you know any writer please ask them to write about our SS501 Men... btw hope next time it will be a national meet-up :)

Marge said...

It was wonderful meeting you all.

Til the next time ^_^

Mikai said...

Is TSP under the umbrella of Triple S Korea? Or a different group? I mean do all the events must be screened by the main Triple S in Korea?

phtriples said...

i wish i was there too! mikai, i don't think that all events of Triple S all around the world are screened by main TS Korea... although there are countries like Japan and Thailand who have OFFICIAL fanclubs, approved by DSP... ^_^

Anonymous said...

Could I just ask how did TSPH started? When did TSPH started? because I've been a fan of SS501 for a long time but didn't know that there's TSPH and How did you know about SS501?
to be honest I'm not realizing Philippines having a fan base for Korean boy bands.

so for celebrating your 2nd year anniversary is already is awesome because that proves that you didn't became a Kpop lover/SS501 fan because of the BOF just like other Filipinos

Sorry for giving a lot of questions

Do you have contacts from Triple s Korea or any other Triple S fan base in Asian countries? so that they will know there's Triple S Philippines and go here.
Besides there having Asia Concert Tour.
Philippines is an Asian country too

I just hope you send a gift to young saeng for his B-Day so that they will realize that they have a fan base in the Philippines too..

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