I was able to watch SS501's guesting in Quiz! Sixth Sense, but of course, I didn't understand a thing they said. So I just focused instead on how handsome the boys are. LOL. I enjoyed seeing them having fun... Mal's hyperactivity, Kyu's dorkiness, Baby's cute expressions, Saengie's smiles and Leader's 4Dness. The show is being subbed by two subbing teams in YouTube. So I'm including links here for both. That way you can take your pick. There are certain parts that are subbed differently, but the gist is still there. SuperStarSubbing did it in 7 parts, while lstraus did it in 8 parts. Since SuperStarSubbing has finished all parts, I'll embed the videos here. The links for lstraus are also provided at the bottom. Enjoy! Many many thanks to the subbers!

Another hardworking subber lstraus is subbing this show as well, so I included the subbed versions here too. I strongly advice that you watch this translation too, because there are some words here that are not included above. Other parts will be updated once finished.

Watch in 8 parts here: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8


Cris Alisasis said...

OMG! So much funny moments! Hyun Joong's name tag, Jung Min's passionate lust, Kyu Jong trying to change his stand ROFL!!! Can't wait to laugh for more with the rest. ^_^

Thanks for sharing, Kate! ^_^

newyorkcitygirl said...

Superstar subbing uploaded the whole parts of The Quiz show sixth sense, heres the link...
[SSS☆] [Variety] 091108 Quiz! Sixth Sense with SS501 {ENG SUB} [Part 2/7]
[b][SSS☆] [Variety] 091108 Quiz! Sixth Sense with SS501 {ENG SUB} [Part 3/7]
[SSS☆] [Variety] 091108 Quiz! Sixth Sense with SS501 {ENG SUB} [Part 4/7]
[SSS☆] [Variety] 091108 Quiz! Sixth Sense with SS501 {ENG SUB} [Part 5/7]
[SSS☆] [Variety] 091108 Quiz! Sixth Sense with SS501 {ENG SUB} [Part 6/7]

phtriples said...

posted them all newyorkcitygirl! thank you! ^_^

Anonymous said...

the video was taken out already... really hope u can re upload it.... i really2 want to watch it... thank you

Anonymous said...

plz reupload it !really can't wait 2 see anymore !!!thks...

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