[News] 7-Eleven launch 'Hotsun chicken' packet meal

On 24 Dec, 7-Eleven Convenient Store mentioned, they have joint hand with Hotsun to sell Hotsun Chicken packet meal in their stores nationwide.

Hotsun chicken does not go through the deep fried process but is directly baked, its specialty is its crispiness. Hotsun revealed that the baked chicken has lesser calories than other fried chickens and is very popular among the lady customers. Hotsun packet meal has added miso teriyaki sauce to go with the rice. Other side dishes include potato salad, fried vegetable and broccoli. Price for 290g packet meal is 3000won (~US2.53). 7-Eleven will also launch Hotsun baked chicken triangle shape laver wrap rice. 7-Eleven related personnel said: "Recently many convenient stores has joint hand with popular restaurants to invent new food, in order to provide customer with food which they favour fast. Also, since the food from the restaurant could be displayed in more than 2000 shops, it can also increase the brand awareness."

In order to commemorate the new packet meal, all packet meals will include a small photo diary of artist Kim Hyun Joong. Partial sales proceeds will be donated for charity.

Credit: Korea news + (Chinese translation) j+ @ hyunjoongchina.com + (English translation) SS501UFO.blogspot.com

Credit: SS601

For some reason, I like packet meals... it's something that you could eat while watching TV, you just pop it into the microwave to heat it. And with the mini photo diary booklet with Leader on the cover, I'd definitely buy it. If only 7-Eleven here in the Philippines will also sell this stuff. Hehehe.


Sikat ang Pinoy said...

wow.. masarap ba? wala kasi 7 eleven dito sa amin.

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