A lot of people were pleasantly surprised when our prince Young Saeng rocked the stage with a different solo in Persona Hong Kong. He sang 'You Are My Heaven' and the rock version of 'Find'. Talk about unpredictable. He really is living up to his change of image, huh? Aww, Saengie... you really are a bad boy now?! LOL. Here is a fancam of Young Saeng's solo... and pictures from the concert.

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SS501 Young Saeng Solo "You Are My Heaven" (Feat. Hyung Jun) + "Find" (Rock Version) @ Persona in HK
Video Uploader: shirbogurl3@YouTube

SS501 Young Saeng Focus Complete Encore in Santa Suits at Persona in HK
Video Uploader: shirbogurl3@YouTube

SS501 Young Saeng focus "Only One Day" @ Hong Kong Persona Asia Tour
Video Uploader: WWloveHJL@YouTube


Credits: as tagged on pics


Anonymous said...

Young Saengie
you're now truly a bad boy
But I will still call you as our Prince
your voice is really amazing
Perfect Performance young saeng oppa!!!
Young Saeng Oppa JJANG!!!

mokona said...

even though hearing so much of him turning into a bad boy,i still cannot accept it even till now. whenever i hear that i will feel like crying,(kinda hurts my heart really) i mean i don want him to be a bad boy, but he has made up his mind and i think other YS fans loved it as well..

our voice of heaven ( i always loved his high vocals,but his voice turned low in the performance, sigh.. ) has turned from prince to bad boy T^T*cries* and i agree with anonymous, u will forever be the otter prince that brings smile to us in our hearts >_<
many thanks to kate for sharing this.

elen122207 said...

Truly amazing performance my prince...i love more of you every day..every moment..every hours..every seconds..wahh..obsessed of you..that song Find really hooked me and seeing you performing that song live makes me gonna go crazy..

Cris Alisasis said...

Oh yeah!!! Our bad boy Saengie rockin' it out for you right there baby!!! Wooohooo!!! Love it!!! <3

And wow, just wow, on his stage presence. He's really giving it all out. I love how he jumped, banged his head & open out his arms... I can sense that he really enjoyed that performance. I hope to see more of that side of Saengie. It just came out so naturally. ^_^

LyN said...

waahh young saeng!! when i saw the vid yesterday..im totally speechless i don't know what to say..he's really living up to his bad boy image huh?..i like it! but he's still our otter prince though! that won't change..^_^

phtriples said...

i heard our bad boy cried during the Only One Day performance... awww... he really is a softy at heart. :P

mokona said...

wonder why he cried.. or maybe he was just sad to turn into the bad boy and leaving his prince image away? or maybe he could be too happy that the concert was a success and his transformation into a bad boy was a success as well? *cries*

omona said...

second video at 7:46 - i got so jealous! hihihi!

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