Baby really is sooo cute in this clip. He sang his own version to Brown Eyed Girls' "Abracadabra". I've already listened to this a while back, but I waited for the subs before posting. Listen to him. He is just adorable. Thanks to poohhl subbing this!

Video credits:(Chinese translation) + (English translation & sub) poohhl


LyN said...

LOL! the lyrics are so funny! is just too adorable..♪♪♪my dark circles are getting darker & darker..but i still want to listen♪♪♪ wahaha..he's saying it in behalf of triple s who always stay late at night just to hear his voice!nice one..

this reminds me of the clip i saw where he was singing Kara's honey on music high also(although i can just hear his voice and can't exactly see him..but still..its so funny!)..and he changed the lyrics~..♪♪♪pizza..chicken..ramyun..♪♪♪ LOL..made me feel really hungry upon hearing that!..

Anonymous said...

LOL~!!.. really funny. xD

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