December 8, 2009

Kim Kyu Jong - Angel

For my next video, it's Kyu Jong's turn.

A small town boy who dreamed big... he was on the verge of being replaced in SS501, but he proved himself deserving to be part of the group. He captured the hearts of many with his cuteness and nice guy image. Known for his sweetness and kindness... Kyu is the heart of SS501. The center who keeps the balance.

I just had to use Sarah McLachlan's "Angel" for Kyu. That's the first word that comes to mind whenever I think about Kyu. Hope you guys like the video! :) Saengie is up next. See more of my fanmade videos.

"If you dream big, and you work hard to reach your dream, you can do it."


LyN said...

very nice vid..kyu is getting more & more handsome..the pic @5:13 is so HOT!!i always admire kyu for being so nice & sweet..he never gets tired of showing his sweetness & kindness towards other members..

great job!! love the song that u used! thanks for sharing..^_^

Zee said...

OMG Kate! You've done it again. I love it! Thanks for sharing. I hope it's ok to repost ha. :) Will credit you!

Can't wait for Saengie's!!! <3

akee said...

kate~ :3

whaa love it!<33
kahit di ako kyu-biased naappreciate ko sya ng bonggang-bongga. Actually, napaisip nga ako sa buong 6:54 minutes kung bakit hinde ako kyu-biased! hahaha

pamatay yung intro mo. at pamatay din ang ending!<3333

favorite part ko yung mga luha moments ni kyu! love love love! thanks sa pagshare~ i-share ko din sa iba kong friends ha? :D

excited na ako kay saengie<33

mokona said...

who says kyu doesn't deserve to be in SS501? how can he doubt himself like this >_< without his sweetness,caring,and warmth towards the members, SS501 wouldn't be complete. Always showing affection for his members and seems to get along well with all the members. Always the center and caring for all of them.
4:15-4:22 that warm smile and nice guy quality is what i like abt kyu ^^ And he is always doing funny things with the other members.
thanks kate, for another great video made to the boys. can't wait for saegie overload on the next vid XD

mokona said...

it must be hard on him coming to a big city. almost cried while watching the video, many thanks again for sharing this. he's the sweetest among them ^^
whats the song that was played in the later part of the video? it sounded like the boys sang it. Many thanks for any answers given ^^

phtriples said...

he almost got replaced because the people in dsp thought he wasn't as good as the other members, but Mal and the rest of the boys, stood up for him. They wanted Kyu to be in the group, so together they worked hard and Kyu was able to prove that he really deserves to be there. And he's thankful to the members.

Kyu really struggled, but in the end, it worked out well. that's why i wanted to make this vid a tribute for his experience. thanks for the comments guys!

@mokona: the 2nd song is "Gaze" sung by SS501 from the OST of the movie "Page 198 of That Man's Book"

Aaaw said...

super na-appreciate ko tong vid. touching. specially yung part na "Your members... They stood up for you... Protected you..." hanggang "And you repaid them with love and kindness..." aaawwww... :')

bihira akong makaappreciate ng fan made vid, pero ito talaga, tagos! :)

Karren168 said...

Kate, love this video!... Kyu's getting more handsome every time I see him... thanks for sharing this :)

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