Kyu Jong: It is snowing, it is snowing, ya~~~ (2009-12-25 PM 6:47:47)

Really Christmas is my only time I spend at home... hehe

Listen to it again one more time One Two Three.. When thinking of it is really nice, when I am enjoying Christmas !!..

Take a look at outside and it is snowing~~

White Christmas ah!!

It is snowing in Christmas~~ hehe really when listening to the song of the hyung who can sing very well

Then It started to snow~~

Pretties!! It is only left with a little time for Christmas~ Happy and wonderful time..

Create an unforgetable time together with your love ones~ No need to be very grand.. but a special and warm time ^^

Credit: + (Chinese translation) Kyu's @ + (English translation)
Please repost with FULL CREDIT.


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