How's Christmas eve guys? Just sneaking in for a bit to post this video I made...

Since it's Christmas, and since this is the first Christmas I'm spending as a SS501 fan (which makes me a kpop fan), I made this short compilation of Kpop Artists singing Christmas songs and celebrating with the rest of the Christian community.

Although, I have to admit. I'm not very much familiar with all Kpop Artists (I'm exclusively a Triple S fan), so I can't name everyone who appears in this video. But if you guys know, feel free to comment. :)

Merry Christmas!!!

Video Uploader: phtriples@YouTube



Anonymous said...

It's my first Xmas as a SS501 fan, too! And it's one of the best Christmases i've ever had! A coincidence?
Anyway I love your video!! :D MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Anonymous said...

thanks for this! it really does make it an even merrier Christmas for me watching this and looking at these photos. lol. and I think I may know most of the other stars, but I don't know for sure. but the vid that starts at 3:25 with the 5 guys, they're Big Bang. they're also in the next vid singing with ss501! i'm a fan of them too, but of course ss501 will always be #1!

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