This is like, a week late, but let me just post these here anyway. The first 2 pics are obviously, my SS501 Five Men's Five Years DVD and the last pic is my SS501 Collection thus far. I only got 5, so far. But I want MORE MORE MORE!!! By the way, the Five Men's Five Years DVD is awesome!!! Worth every penny! Grab your own copy now, if you haven't already. Geez... I don't know how my finances will be able to manage this addiction of mine. LOL.


My SS501 albums to date:
  • SS501 Solo Collection CD
  • SS501 U R Man Special DVD
  • SS501 Super Hits! Ultimate Deluxe Taiwan Edition
  • SS501 REBIRTH Limited Edition
  • SS501 Five Men's Five Years MBC Collection
My Wishlist this Christmas:
Wish Santa will be good to me this Christmas! ^_^


mokona said...

firstly congratulations on yr arrival of the CD, XD feels great isn't it? when i got my first( SS501 special edition album of rebirth) i hold on to it and didn't want to let it go.
just a few questions, if its not too troublesome to answer.
1) may i know the order of their albums according to the dates that they were out?
2) And also the different editions to it (if any) i heard that lucky days had 5 different versions! O_O
many thanks for the help >_< and enjoy yr album ^^ i hope 5 men 5 years will be available in singapore soon XD

Cris Alisasis said...

we should seriously consider getting 2nd jobs to sustain our ss501 addiction... LOL! its like, we are working as much as they are. Hahaha! XD

phtriples said...

feels darn great to have all these ss501 albums! and what feels even greater is that I know I'm supporting SS501 and their music, in my own little way. :)

@mokona: check yesasia for the different editions of the albums. i'm not really sure of the dates they were out, you can also see the release dates at yesasia. just go to and type ss501 in the search bar, and you'll find all their available ss501 goodies. :)

Marge said...

yep, yesasia rules! i got my order in 2 days after they shipped it. you're always updated with emails on your orders, and the sales are counted in the hits charts, i think oricon [pa correct na lang, malilimutin na ate Marge nyo, :p]

hehehe among these, it's the super hits i don't have yet, oh 13th month bonus, to these darlings you go hahaha

trippi said...

AWW. I'm so envious of your collection!!

im still a student and i'm counting on my christmas money to get me some SS501 goodies! LOL. :P

i've been looking (since last week) for the albums released here everywhere - sm north, trinoma, megamall, gateway, moa, greenhills and it was all SOLD OUT. :(

hope they get the new shipment in soon. i didnt have the money to buy the albums when it was first released kasi. haha. being a student with an SS501 addiction is tough. :P

don't even get me started on how hard it is to prioritize studying over fangirling! ;D

Karren168 said...

Cool!... these are awesome treats for you Kate... what's next? Persona?... I so wish to have more of SS501 cd's & dvd's... fanmeets, concerts :)

btw check out & compare prices & shipping

purple-blossom said...

haha we have the same collection! but i have the find, deja vu, UR Man, and rebirth taiwan version too! you have to have UR Man album! the songs from the album are really great, so you've got to add it to the collection!

mokona said...

thanks for the reply kate ^^ the mode of payment at yesasia is through credit card right?

phtriples said...

you can pay via credit card or paypal. :)

Nichole said...

Whoa!The Five Men Five Years album has already released in Philippines..?

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