For those who are attending PERSONA in HONG KONG, Triple S HK Admins have prepared a rundown on fan support for all you guys. I really admire their organization. It makes the event much more smooth sailing. After reading this, I wish I had gone to Hong Kong for PERSONA! Huhuhu. Anyway, guys, those who are going to attend in HK, this is a must read!



How have you been using your voice after 1st July (fan meeting)? As a fan, what good does your voice do? Going to the concert, watching the concert, do you think you really can use intense stares to reach and shoot at the five boys?

Go on ahead, go crying out LOVE in the centre of Asia-World Expo~

Just like Law Kar-Ying had said, “If you love, you have to say it out. If you don’t say, who would know your love?”

12.12 Love 501,
Bring on 501 decibels!

This time around, the theme for PERSONA HK is… CHRISTMAS PARTY!!!

All TS are welcomed to bring your own x’mas accessories to the venue, and help create the x’mas atmos~!!

::Run-down for Fan Support::

Note: On the day of the concert HKTS will distribute green LED lights and fan support handout to everyone, FREE! (includes lyrics for Green Peas fan song and also x’mas carol)


1. Fan Support for Green Peas Fan Song
All fan chants are to follow the Korean fans’ chants (refer to HKTS thread),
except for Green Peas fan song (완.두.콩.)

For fan song, do not sing along in the first part. Only when Kyu Jong says, “3, 2, 1, Go!”, then all fans to sing along with the boys. Everyone to turn off their lightsticks and lightboards, and turn on the green LED lights on their fingers.

LED light (green / distributed free at venue by HKTS)

This is to complement the meaning and significance of the fan song, and also to create a special GREEN SEA OF STARS that’s unique to HK, and to create a touching moment for the five boys. We hope that everyone will cooperate and work together to make this beautiful scene!

From big lightboards to LED lights, from lightsticks to LED lights, from no lights to lights… The green LED lights do not just represent stars, it’s the very equal existence of each and every green pea. Everyone holds just one glimmer of green light, and what’s twinkling and shining in our very basic, very sincere and very faithful love.


2. Fan Support During Members’ Solos
When the screen starts to play the clip of each member’s solo, everyone is to shout out loudly that particular member’s name. For instance, “Heo Young Saeng! Heo Young Saeng!”


3. Fan Support During Encore
Would like to appeal everyone to continue to express their warmth and exuberance.

When 501 goes to the backstage to prepare for the encore, all fans will sing the x’mas carol, We Wish You A Merry Christmas.

We wish you a merry Christmas
We wish you a merry Christmas
We wish you a merry Christmas
And a happy New Year.
(Repeat 5 times)

Everyone to prepare own (string/confetti) spray can that night. After singing the x’mas carol, all fans are to start spraying altogether, so as to create an even better festive x’mas atmos^^

Please Note!!
HKTS will raise paperboards with 3, 2, 1 that night to signal everyone, so pay attention to what’s showing on the big screen!!!

[HKTS updated on 2009.12.07]
HKTS has posted that the Asia-World Expo has received numerous complaints and feedback from TS about the use of (string/confetti) spray during the concert, citing personal safety, health and inconvenience as the reasons for objecting to its use. As such, Asia-World Expo has notified HKTS that the spray cans will NOT be allowed into the venue that night. click HERE for more info.




- HKTS will set up collection bins outside the concert venue to collect fans’ gifts for the five boys^^

- To prevent blocking or disturbing other TS, we DO NOT recommend the use of lightboards by the TS in the standing zones.

- Please note NOT to bring x’mas accessories or decoration items that are overly big in size, as there are restrictions on the maximum dimensions of items to be brought inside.

- (from HKTicket) Long umbrellas will NOT be allowed to be brought inside (foldable umbrellas permitted); bags or any other articles exceeding 12” X 15” in size will also NOT be allowed inside.

Credits: original in chinese: HKTS Admin / HK TRIPLES 2009.11.15 + (english trans) happiebb / lovekimhyunjoong.wordpress


Anonymous said...

WOW. Persona HK sounds amaaazing.
i really really really wanna go!
wah. so near, yet so far!

btw. any news on Persona HK ticket sales?

naeshimjang said...

thank you for sharing the HKTS fan support plans :) i always enjoy reading your posts!!!i wonder if cameras will be allowed inside the venue hmmmm...

Anonymous said...

thanks for the information. i'm watching the concert in HK and I'm glad for the heads up.
would you know where the Yahoo awarding will be in Hongkong?

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