December 31, 2009

Pretty Boy Kim Hyung Jun

This is the 2nd video I made for SS501's Baby, Kim Hyung Jun Maknae...

He is dubbed "Pretty Boy" because he definitely defines the term 'PRETTY'. His boyish, flawless looks make ladies' hearts melt... Hyung Jun fans, hope you like this video!

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*YouTube rejected my video due to audio copyright claims, so I used OneTrueMedia instead.


Cherylou said...

awesome!~ the song suits him well!~

BabyHyung ~ Bernadette said...

@Kate-keep it up.. keep on doing things like this ^^ it's cool

Our Hyung Jun is still a real baby.. ^^ He is cute in his own way.. (the same as every SS501 member, they are being cute on their own way)


phtriples said...

thanks guys! :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for Making such a wonderful videos of our SS501 members
I really like Maknae
he's one of my Favorite

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