The boys are back in Korea today after their successful 2nd Christmas Show in Japan. They didn't linger in Japan, they probably have other things to attend to in Seoul. Here's a fancam taken from the airport. Leader looked lost! Hahaha. Look at all those fans flocking around him. And why is manager Oppa not accompanying him? Hmmm...

Video Uploader: WWloveHJL@YouTube

Photos of the boys from the airport...

Credit: as tagged on pics


HJL fan said...

aww leader looks so cute, and when he ran you could see the round fluffy ball on his beanie bouncing, hahaha. i didn't see kyu jong.

and i think the sentence "leader looked lost" is kinda ironic. hahaha. u get what i mean? ;)

phtriples said...

hi HJL fan, i do get what you mean... haha, i guess you can say it's redundant. LOL

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