Intimate 2 with guests SS501 and Kara, which aired last night, has already been uploaded to YouTube, but I'm not going to embed all videos here, because there are no subs yet. If you want to view the whole show without subs, head on over to the YouTube channel of ss501saranghae because she has uploaded the show in 9 parts. Meanwhile, here's a clip of SS501 dancing to Kara's 'Mister' with their ever sexy butts. LOL. Who do you think has the best butt dance?

Video Uploader: shirbogurl3@YouTube


Cris Alisasis said...

Leader did it good, but saw some little hesitation hahaha!

LOL @ Kyu... and why did he incorporate BEG's hip sway to Kara's butt dance?! LOL!!!

Did Baby did his won choreography? lOL!!!

Bad Boy Saeng wins on looking smexy & cute, but sadly failed on the butt dance part... :(

If it's a sexy dance... We know who can do it right.... JUNG MIN BUTT DANCE FOR THE WIN!!!!!!

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