December 10, 2009

SS501 Off To Hong Kong!

The boys are off to Hong Kong!!! Triple S who are attending PERSONA HK must be on the edge of their seats now... two more days to go! Aahh! I'm so jealous! I wish I could attend! Here are fancams and some pictures of the boys at Incheon Airport leaving for Hong Kong. They are all looking sleek and stylish! The 3 guys are wearing black shades and Kyu's wearing a mask. I love love love Leader's hair here, he looks like a little boy. And his shades look good on him too. The people who took these videos are sooo lucky to be there. In the first video, Kyu made a hand signal pointing at the cam at 1:12 and Leader waved at 2:13. If I were that girl holding the cam I would have fainted right there and then. LOL.

Video Uploader: shirbogurl3@YouTube

Video Uploader: langue78@YouTube


Credits: as tagged on pics


LyN said...

whoa young saeng looks HOT!! lucky HK fans..not only will they see them perform on the persona concert..but there's a big chance of having lots of encounter with them because of SS501's long stay there..they will be there for almost one week right?..

LOL! i can only see jungmin's back..hehe..all of them looks kyu sick? i hope not..

phtriples said...

either he has a flu, or he's just taking precautions with that mask. i really really WISH i had gone to Hong Kong. sigh.

Cris Alisasis said...

i love seeing them in their "casual" self.. <3

Melovesyou501 said...

DAAAAAMNN..!!! so.. *speechlesss.. TOTALLY .. HANDSOME and HOT :P~ ..
I really love seeing them wearing shades *blush*

elen122207 said...

wow!! i love leader's hair huh!..he looks great. and of course i really love saengie's get up...soo hot...wahhh...

Anonymous said...

my gosh they look so damn handsome especially leader i agree he looks like a boy but he's really so gorgeous perfect face..

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