Most, if not all, Triple S fans know the answer to this. It's Jung Min Mal! LOL. He openly admits that he's the one who forgets dance steps often. And all members agree! As evidence, just look at these photos lifted from, which captured Jung Min's wrong dance steps in various performances of Love Like This. And as you can see, he did it NOT just once, but several times! Haha! Mal is so cute.

P.S. I watched the videos of Love Like This to confirm whether Jung Min really got the steps wrong, but guess what, he didn't. LOL. His arms are just a tad faster than the rest. Watch this video, and see what I'm talking about. But nevertheless, the members still all vote Mal as the one who often forgets the dance steps. ^_^



Raia said...

ROFL :)) And it's the same movement that he's always making. XDD

LyN said...

LOL!! lauging so hard at this one..!!! its so funny how jung min does the same thing over and over again..didn't he see the first performance and try to correct his steps the first time?..LOL..i think maybe he has his own choreographer!! hahahahaha..cute!!

Anonymous said...

This is so cute! =D HAHAHA!

Jacintha said...

i wonder which part is it?
cos i still cant spot it~~

Anonymous said...

If you look carefully, it's not really a wrong step. Just that he shows it faster than other members. But it's still cute. :D

Cris Alisasis said...

Repeat! *from deja vu*

mokona said...

haha.. its really funny why its always the same steps. Guess he's too busy thinking of his sexy moves and got distracted? oh thats just mal.. cute ^^

mokona said...

oh i think i see it now.(with reference to the video link) at 0:56-0:58, u can see that he's a bit too fast.
and also at 02:13-02:15, 02:27-02:28, when the boys were lined together, u can see that jung min's hand was the first to move on to the next dance move.
hope that helps.
i'm sorry i can't find the scene of the second last picture posted here in the vid.

mokona said...

sorry for posting another time. i think i just spotted the scene which u have posted. (with references to the vid posted)
if u look carefully at 0:10-01:12 (remember to full screen when watching) u can see that mal so called "forgotten his moves"
it happened during the start of the song and from there indeed shows that he was a tad faster! thanks for pointing that out kate. ^^ guess mal didn't really forget his moves afterall.

Anonymous said...

hahahaha...totally lol-ing at him here..he's so cute! same steps..lolololol! consistent mal! :)

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