I was browsing through lovekimhyunjoong forum today (thanks to TK's tip) and I saw this fan account! A Triple S saw Leader and Saengie together in Jamsil (where Leader lives)! Wow! Lucky fan! In the fan account, we can be assured that Leader is doing okay, and Saengie is with him! Kekeke. Maybe YS is being a good friend and comforting Leader... awww, how sweet! Can't wait to see them in the concert. :) This is a good way to start our day...

"WHO AM I? I'm SS501's LEADER!"

I know a Triple S dongsaeng who live in Jamsil.
He said he saw Hyun Joong and Young Saeng together.

Non-fan wouldn't be able to recognize
but a Triple S can recognize just by one look despite wearing casual clothes.

Know what's the atmosphere like?
Hehe. That dongsaeng was afraid that others may recognize them and approached them carefully.

He said, 'I'm a Triple S, Hyung is okay right?
Don't care about those malicious comments.
See you at the concert.'

Hyun Joong Hyung asked, 'Who am I?'

Dongsaeng replied, 'SS501 Kim Hyun Joong Hyung?'

Hyun Joong Hyung answered, 'Exactly! I'm SS501's leader Kim Hyun Joong.
I'm Kim Hyun Joong, don't worry about that.'

Then left with Young Saeng Hyung. T_T

I repeatedly told the dongsaeng not to lie. He said it's true!! It's true!! hehe

Yeah...our leader is strong... we just believe in hyungs.

Original in Korean TVZONE BBS 2010.01.30
Chinese translation: xinhm / HYUNJOONGCHINA 金贤重中文网
English translation : s2rene / LOVEKIMHYUNJOONG.com


Original text from HYUNJOONGCHINA:


我认识的一位TS弟弟家住蚕室 说看到了贤重和永生哥哥在一起

如果不是粉丝恐怕认不出来的 是TS就能一眼认出来虽然穿着便服

知道是什么气氛吧?? 呵呵 那位弟弟怕别人认出他们便小心走过去说

"我是TS 哥哥没事吧 不要理那些恶意的评论 我们演唱会再见 "

贤重哥哥问 "我是谁啊?"

弟弟回答 "不是SS501 金贤重哥哥吗?"

贤重哥哥回答 " 就是啊我可是 SS501的小队金贤重 , 我是金贤重啊 不要担心这些 "

然后和永生哥哥走开了 ㅠㅠ

我反复问那位弟弟不能撒谎的 !!,,,他说是真的 !!是真的!! 呵呵

就是 我们小队很坚强 ,, 我们相信哥哥们就是了


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