January 17, 2010

HyunSaeng Fanmade Videos

Here are a couple of videos I made as a tribute to the Hyun-Saeng couple...

I don't like it when people accuse SS501 members of being gay, and just for the record. THEY'RE NOT GAYS!!! But we Triple S fans sometimes like to make fanfics that are just for FUN. I REPEAT. It's all in good fun. We are not supporting the GAY theories AT ALL. So please don't MISINTERPRET! Like the members themselves (in which they like to tease the Hyun-Saeng couple too), we are merely having fun. So there.

For more of my SS501 fanmade videos, subscribe to my YT channel: phtriples

HyunSaeng- The Awkward Couple

HyunSaeng- Moments Of Love
Videos by: phtriples@YouTube


Anonymous said...


really nice to see your videos about SS501-oppa.,.

btw, i wanna ask you about the scene that youngsaeng and Hyunjoong kissed???
where did you get that.,.??

really curious about it.,.,

anyway, thany you for every posting that you've made.,.

phtriples said...

Hello! regarding the "Kiss". That's not real. It's a photoshopped picture. I hope people won't misinterpret it. Thanks!

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