Japan's transvestite star Haruna Ai openly shown her affections towards SS501 Kim Hyun Joong and became a topic of discussion.

On 5 January, Fuji TV 'Gourmand Table' invite Kim Hyun Joong as guest. He personally prepared tteokbokki (korean fried rice cake) in the studio.

During the day, upon Kim Hyun Joong's appearance in the studio, everybody started to shout: "Korea popular star is here." and all has expressed their great interest towards Kim Hyun Joong.

Following by that, Kim Hyun Joong prepared tteokbokki personally for the artist and his fan. After that Kim Hyun Joong brought out pre-prepared samgyetang (Ginseng chicken soup), he even peel the chicken and feed his fan and the artist. Then, Haruna Ai who claimed that she was Kim Kyun Joong's fan, while Kim Hyun Joong feed her, she even 'eat' his finger, the sudden love attacked made everybody on site shocked.

Haruna Ai is a famous Japan transgender beauty. She won the champion in the Word Transvestite star beauty pageant in year 2009. She is widely known worldwide among the transgenders circle.

Towards Haruni Ai's sudden action, comedian Tamura Atsushi asked Kim Hyun Joong: "Is your fingers still around?" Kim Hyun Joong smile cheerfully and said it is alright. He even show his finger to everybody, totally warm up the atmosphere in the recording studio.
(妃茵, the chinese translator said: Actually leader did play a little joke, he even purposely hide his ring finger and little fingers XD)

In addition, due to Kim Hyun Joong's popularity, although there's only opening for 150 audiences, Fuji TV actually received 10,000 over application request. Kim Hyun Joong other than being the leader of SS501, his popularity increased tremendously when acting as Yoon Ji Hoo in 'Boys over Flowers'.

Credit: newsen + (Chinese translation) 妃茵@tripleSTW.com + (English translation) SS501UFO.blogspot.com

Wow! Imagine having to lick Leader's fingers!!! I bet that's even yummier than the food itself. Hahaha!


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