01/14 [news] Kim Hyun Joong – Hero Jae Joong ‘Showed Off Friendship’ with Trip to Canada Together

DongBangShinGi Hero Jae Joong and SS501 Kim Hyun Joong attracted attention on their vacation trip to Canada together.

It is well known that both of them are very close to each other in the entertainment industry. It was reported that Hero Jae Joong and Kim Hyun Joong went for a vacation trip to Vancouver, Canada on 9-Jan.

Kim Hyun Joong joined Hero Jae Joong together for the trip when he learnt about the news that Jae Joong is leaving for a vacation to Canada.

One representative said “Both of them often hang out together because of their close relationship, so they took this opportunity to travel together.”

Hero Jae Joong had recently returned after visiting Sydney, Australia with Xiah Junsu and Micky YooChun. After which he left immediately for Canada.

The news of both of them on a vacation together was spread through the internet. Fans who saw the two of them in Vancouver Canada, uploaded their fan account and conveyed the news of their vacation trip together.

Meanwhile, Hero Jae Joong and Kim Hyun Joong is expected to return back this weekend.

Credits : Newsen + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com

Hmm... I wonder if it's for a vacation or maybe they had work to do along the way. But if it's just for some R&R then, that's quite a long vacation for Leader-shii! At least he can rest and have fun with Jae Joong. Haha. I wonder where Young Saeng is...


elen122207 said...

sooo cute...leader and jaejoong went for a vacation together!! sooo cool..love them both!! muaah!!

cute.smile30@yahoo.com said...

hi. I'm from Iran I love you're songs ;-)

Anonymous said...

i love ss501 and guess what i'm from IRAN.and my friends and i are the first fans of ss501 from IRAN.so that could be probablu shocking for them.

anonymous said...

i love ss501 tooo, me and my friend are probably the first fans from India, but we live in canada.... I loovee ss501, esp. kHJ :-P

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