Singer and actor Kim Hyun Joong (Born in 1986)

Will welcome the 1st new year sun rise of 2010 in China
Because the schedule planning, I am in China
It is tiger year already.
I have the hunch that there will be more good things than last year
Hope everybody will have a wonderful plan for this year and fulfill your wishes one by one
I will also show my even better side to you
Hope everybody will continue to support SS501 members, would you?
Happy New Year!

Credits: + (Chinese translation) + (English translation)

As we know, Leader was born in 1986, which means he was born in the Year Of The Tiger. And if you read more about it, you'll understand why he has a 4D personality. Year 2010 is again, Year of the Tiger, so this is Leader's year! Wish that he, together with SS501, will have an even better year. Hope everyone will have a great year ahead!


sha filan said...

where r these boys missing actually?? hahaha
i think leader bought all the boys in a spaceship n has a vacation in the outta space! hahaha

Pendants said...

I especially love his earlier interviews before BBF as I believe he speaks more honestly (or should I say, more carelessly with his mind and less tactful).

Anonymous said...

hehe my year is the tiger too! ^ ^

Anonymous said...

Hey Young Saeng born in the year of Tiger too! Dont forget about him.

kemo said...

kim hyun joong i love you so much and i know that you will be do your best this year and every year

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