Baby Hyung Jun will be appearing on MBC "Progamer", an online TV game show which will air on January 27, 2010 at 4:00 p.m. Yay! Another show to look forward to! I wish I could see them all together though. I miss them all so much!

Video Uploader: WWloveHJL@YouTube

Credit: SS601

[News] SS501 Maknae Kim Hyung Jun will take on challange to be a professional gamer

On the 22th, MBC Game department revealed, Kim Hyung Jun will participate in 'SS501 Hyung Jun, become a professional gamer' starting from end of January. The program will show Hyung Jun as a new gamer, working hard to be a professional gamer.

This is a live program that show MBC game Hero participants competing. One week before the 1st filming, Kim Hyung Jun went to MBC Game Filming Studio in Yoei-do to undergo training by MBC Game Hero Ha Tae Ki. He also undergo stringent game trial test.

Kim Hyung Jun revealed 'Other than being SS501's maknae, I would like to get another nickname can represent myself," "More than just pure interest, I will treat this as a profession, and do it sincerely and diligently."

Credits: starnews + (Chinese translation)小訥@家族誕生 + (English translation)


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