January 15, 2010

Kyu Jong Drops A Message!

Kyu Jong : Have you been good?


Time really passes quickly and there’s no turning back haha ^^
It’s already the middle of January
Did you have a good new year?
Time is moving right?
There’s no way to catch it. Therefore when it’s the New Year, feel these words
As each day passes, keep in mind the things you feel like doing and things you have to do
As we cross over to the new year [guess he is referring to the Lunar New Year], some of you may receive your report cards, letter of employment or other things of this nature. If you received these the feeling will be super … ^^
Do you know, family and friends are preparing for the New Year. Those who have not been asking after the health & safety of others, should you not start thinking about it?
Bye bye bye bye ~ I’m getting ready to enjoy overdue long holiday ~ bye bye bye bye
Later will be basking in gossip girl to past the night ..
That’s all for now, no matter where it should not be a bad thing… ^^

Chinese to English by Belle / liezle's blog

ThanKYU Belle for the translation! Awww... I'm missing the boys so much, it's really a relief to be able to hear a message from them. And Kyu remembered to drop a message! Sweet as always... I'm really glad that he's enjoying his long holiday. And he watches GOSSIP GIRL! Hahaha. I never would have guessed. Anyway, I hope the rest of the members are enjoying their vacation too. I just really miss them together! Makes me want to fast forward to February 13 for Persona In Bangkok. Kekeke.


mokona said...

kyu is definitely the sweetest >_< hope he will enjoy his holiday with his members. i somehow there were more news of them.. T^T kinda miss them.

phtriples said...

i miss them A LOT!!! hope we can get news about them back together real soon! :)

Anonymous said...

He watches Gossip Girl?!? Yehey! Same interest!!!

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