January 2, 2010

Kyu Jong's New Year Message

Kyu Joong: Happy.. ^^ Happy~ New Year..
2010-01-02 12:09:49am

1st January night is passing by ^^

Did everyone get many good fortunes on the first day?~

New year ^^ have many good fortunes (meaning ‘Happy New Year’)!!

Don’t just wait for good fortunes~ diligently~~ go and look for good fortunes~~

Don’t forget all the bad things that happened in year two thousand and nine!!

Remember some of it so that you can work hard not to have such things happening in the future!!

And also~ in year two thousand ten..I hope I can live my days helping (others) even more ^^

Health is always the utmost importance, you know right?!! To family..and friends..to people who are closest to you

Promise to be good (to them)!!! ^^

Heehee.. Sleep tight everyone~~

Two thousand ten Fighting Aja Aja!!!!! I sincerely hope that you will have more happy days ahead…^^ Bye~

Credits: SS501.dspenter.com + (English translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com

Been wondering when sweet Kyu will leave a New Year message... well here ya go! Hope you guys had a happy time celebrating the New Year. And let's heed Kyu's advice. Don't just wait for good fortunes, look for it! :)


mokona said...

How sweet of kyu to leave such an encouraging message ^^ yes how true.. we must work hard for good fortunes to come and good health is really important too.

wishing all green peas good luck to working hard to their good fortunes and also be healthy so that we can continue to cheer on the boys. ^^

wonder if young saeng will too leave a message.. hmmm.. hope so. Hope all 5 of them to leave a new year message ^^

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