Okay, so there's some GOOD NEWS for us all! It seems like Hyun Joong and the rest of SS501 are doing fine now. Our messages have served their purpose. We do not need to worry about Leader anymore. Okay guys? Also, for those who are still leaving messages in Liezle's blog, she has requested to please stop sending anymore because the deadline has long passed. For now, at least our minds can rest knowing that Leader and the rest of the boys are okay. So life moves on! Here are some more pictures of Leader from High Cut Issue 21. Leader is looking gorgeous!

Credit: www.highcut.co.kr


Cynthia!! said...

OHH!!!leader so handsome here..i wished he have recovered from his pain...nvm..we Triple S will support u!!!

lourdz said...

love the last line of pics.. :P

HJL fan said...

i really wonder if it is hyun joong oppa in the middle of the last photo... was he yawning? only the eyes and nose look like his. :O

heheh. leader hwaiting! <3

Anonymous said...

Leader is so natural ! Yawning when he feels like it and doesn't care how he looks like .Hope he doesn't dislocate his jaws .Or as what older people baka mahipan ng masamang hangin!haha

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