[News] Park Jung Min chosen as lead actor for 'Human Theater 2'

'Human Theatre' which gain high popularity in the 1990s will start broadcasting again.

MBC Every1 revealed on 11 January, "Starting to broadcast from 20 January, SS501 Park Jung Min as the lead actor and Lee Oe Su as the story teller, this new series of 'Human Theatre 2" is a short TV show which is more entertaining!"

The program style will be similar as previous. Starting the program by briefly explaining the theme of the day and the problem/obstacles that the lead actor is facing. The lead actor would be placed under a choice of path, then he would made a big decision and said: "Ok! I would settle for this!" After this, an 180 degree changes to his life events will happen.

The production team expressed that in the previous 'Human Theatre', the lead actor need to perform some serious and heavy decision. Whereas in the 2010 edition, more interesting and detail topics which would get empathy from the public.

From 1992 - 1997, as MBC 'Sunday Night' major section, 'Life Theatre' received very high viewership, it had also turned Lee Hwi Jae into a youth idol.

MBC 'Human Theatre 2' will be aired at 12am, 20 January.

Credits: joongang.co.kr + osen.mt.co.kr + (Chinese translation) LOVE小馬馬 @ parkjungmin.com.cn + (English translation) SS501UFO.blogspot.com

Hmmm... sounds like an interesting plot for a TV show. I'm really looking forward to seeing Mal act again. Here's a preview of the show:
Video Uploader: reena29shadow@YouTube


mokona said...

wow! glad to hear this news, can't wait to see mal acting again. i'll be looking forward to it ^^ thanks for posting this.

quizzy said...

wow!! can't wait to see jungmin do this.. looking forward!! weee excited!! :)

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