Hyung Jun left a message at DSP website last night. Nice of Baby to drop a message to his fans. Everyone is missing these boys so much, especially the group as a whole! I'm counting the days to February 13, time really does fly by so slow when you're looking forward to something, huh? Thanks Maknae for your short but thoughtful message! Soar high!

Now I Am... 2010-01-28 PM 11:20:40

I am having a fierce team practice with my game teacher ...
Everyone treat me so well should be no problem, right? ^^
I will continue with the rising arrogance now...
In 2010, let's have a take-off together.
Ah... attack ... Long live! I'm going back to practice ..
Please look forward to encore concert oh ^^

Credit: (English Translation) ss501-greenpeas.blogspot.com
Please repost with full credit.


Maknae's Original Message:

형준 : 지금 난... 2010-01-28 오후 11:20:40

지금 난... 2010-01-28 오후 11:20:40

옆에 내 게임사부 경종이와함께 엄청난 팀플레이 연습중에있다...
세상에 나 이렇게 잘해져도 되는건가?^^
저 이제 계속 기염을 토해도 되는건가요...
2010년도 우리함께 달려요.
아... 팔아파... 만세! 연습하러 가겠습니다..
앵콜 콘서트때 기대하세요 ^^


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