January 22, 2010

SS501 Breeds

Okay... so a friend of mine introduced me to this site called Morphing Thing, where you could upload your own picture or choose from available celebrity pictures and morph them together to produce a baby. Well, it seems interesting so I tried it. Turns out, I actually enjoyed it! Hahaha! Well, who else would I try to morph my own face than with SS501! And I didn't just settle for one, I tried all 5! What... I'm curious how it will turn out, so sue me. Hehe. Anyway, this is just for fun! If you want, you can try morphing your own child, you know you want to. ;)

Leader Breed - 2 Girls, 2 Boys

Young Saeng Breed - 2 Girls, 1 Boy

Kyu Breed - 2 Girls

Jung Min Breed - 1 Girl, 1 Boy

Hyung Jun Breed - 2 Girls, 2 Boys


Anonymous said...

WOW.. among the 5, I think leader breed looks pretty good.

xevex said...

seem interesting.. gonna try it later. thks for sharing..

ashlee24 said...

hmmmm interesting...wanna try it too..^_^

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