Finally! I'm done. Sorry for the delay guys. I was really exhausted when I arrived home, and I had to catch up on some R&R. Five days with no Internet access, and when I logged on, I was bombarded with a lot of updates from PERSONA IN BANGKOK. There are sooooo many pics, it's hard to keep up! I have compiled what I can for now, but I'm sure more are coming. I'll try to update the pictures as much as I can if more comes out. Anyway, for those who are willing to read, here's my own fan account about my first encounter with SS501...

♥♥♥ February 10: Off To Bangkok! ♥♥♥

The day has finally come! After weeks and weeks of waiting, there I was, all set, finally going to travel all the way to Bangkok, Thailand to see SS501! I flew to Manila at approximately 5:40 pm. I arrived at almost 7pm in NAIA, and there I met with my fellow Triple S Philippines who are also going to Bangkok. It was really great meeting them for the first time. We only talk with each other through the Internet, and it's really nice to be able to meet them in person. We grabbed a quick dinner, then boarded our plane at 9:35 pm. The flight was 3hrs long, and it was really uncomfortable since the chairs didn't recline enough, so I found myself with a stiff neck, tossing and turning in my seat trying to get some sleep, but to no avail. It's a good thing I had SS501 to think about and get me through that 3-hour flight. Kekeke. Anyway, we arrived in Suvarnabhumi Airport at 11:35 pm (Bangkok Time, they're 1 hour behind Philippine Time). The airport was really big, and we even got lost at some point trying to figure out where is Gate C. Haha. Nevertheless, it was a beautiful airport with lots and lots of shops, restaurants, etc.

We first dropped by the money changer, exchanged our money to THAILAND BAHT and then we went straight to the hotel, settled ourselves, did a little bit of SS501 spazzing, and then went to sleep.

♥♥♥ February 11: Shopping, Sightseeing & Presscon Venue ♥♥♥

We got up early and left the hotel early to explore the city. While walking, we got a really pleasant surprise. On the sidewalk, we saw posters of SS501 Persona In Bangkok decked on one side of the wall. Naturally, our first instinct was to take a picture. But since there was no one around, we decided to each get one poster. LOL. And we were successful! People around didn't seem to mind anyway. Keke. Ssssshhhhh!

Then we decided to check out the venue for the Press Conference. We went to Siam Paragon, explored the mall...

We accidentally met with a few Triple S from different countries, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand... and we even posed for pictures with them.

We went to Central World and visited the Charmista Tony Moly Shop... If you purchase something worth 500 Baht, you get 1 Kim Hyun Joong poster. And you can also ask for a small Kim Hyun Joong pin.

After a whole day out, we went home and crashed, because in the morning, we had to be bright and early to wait in the press conference venue.

11.19 pm - The boys arrived in Bangkok. We were at our hotel during this time, so all we could do is surf the Net in order to see pictures of the boys at Incheon Airport. We could have went to the airport to meet them, but since the hotel was far and the taxi meter was expensive, we opted not to go. Here are a few photos taken by TS in Korea, the boys are looking handsome! Young Saeng has a new hair color! Click here to see more pics from the airport.

Video Uploader: 3kimheoparkss501@YouTube

When they arrived in Bangkok airport, they passed through the VIP exit, and went to Dusit Thani, the hotel where they stayed. Here's a couple of pics taken when they arrived in the hotel. Mal was holding a video camera, I could only assume that he was documenting his trip. They looked good!

♥♥♥ February 12: SS501 Press Conference, Fanmeeting, Fansigning ♥♥♥

Now this was an experience I will never ever forget. My FIRST TIME seeing the boys in person. I was ecstatic. I was even willing to wait for 7 hours from 10am to 5pm under the HOT sun just to secure a good place in the venue. There were already so many TS waiting there. Check out the pics below. The whole crowd was soooo loud and there were a lot of pushing and shoving, I almost couldn't breathe.

The moment the 5 men, beautifully clad in white, entered the scene, it was total chaos! I couldn't take pictures because the people around me were so wild I couldn't even hold my camera properly! When I saw them, they were a bit far, so I couldn't really see their faces clearly. But they looked divine! I saw how they climbed up the stage, Jung Min first, followed by Young Saeng, then Leader, Baby, and Kyu. There were a few "moments" that stuck with me: Baby adjusting Saengie's hair, Mal having a moment with Kyu (not to mention the holding of the bouquet like a married couple. LOL), Leader pointing out to Kyu and Saengie a big banner saying "KIM JUNG MIN", Saengie repeatedly looking towards the TSPH banner, Jung Min smirking and pouting, Saengie's curly hair and plunging neckline, and of course their beautiful smiles! The presscon only lasted around 15 minutes but I was so happy I got to see these "moments" live, as opposed to just seeing them in pictures and fancams. Click here to see more pics from the Press Conference.

Video Uploader: whatsubbDOTcom@YouTube

SS501 @ Bangkok Press Conference
Download all 390 pictures!

I heard that during the supposedly Fansigning event, there was only a Handshake session (no signing of photobooks) and the fans can only shake hands with 1 member, and they CAN'T choose who they can shake hands with. I'm trying to find pictures from the handshake event, but I haven't found any yet, just one fancam after the session. But Mel from Kimhyunjoongthailand, have some stories about her experience during the handshake session. I really enjoyed her fan accounts. I haven't heard any news about what transpired in the Meet & Greet.

After the events in Siam Paragon, I heard the boys had a rehearsal in Impact Arena. But we didn't go there to stalk them. Exhausted from the Press Conference, we opted for a nice, quiet dinner in a Thai restaurant, and went back to our hotel. I heard from TSPH friends that they saw the boys in Dusit coming back from rehearsals. They got to see Mal and Baby fooling around all the way to the hotel elevator and the lady translator being hit by a fan's gift. Haha.

♥♥♥ February 13: Persona Concert ♥♥♥

This is the BIG DAY! I woke up early, excited for what lay ahead. We had breakfast in the hotel, and took a shuttle to IMPACT Arena, at around 10am. The gates open at 6pm so we waited there for 8 hours! There were already fans lining up in the Standing Zone entrances. And there were lots of people selling SS501 merchandise. We saw the boys arrive later in the afternoon, but we didn't see them because their van had curtains.

At 6pm, the gates were opened, and we went inside the Hall. I was sooo excited I could feel my heart pounding. A few minutes more, and the concert was about to start. I loved seeing the green light sticks LIVE. It's really beautiful.

Although I was quite sad that there were a lot of empty seats. I'm sure the boys noticed that too, but hey, what can we do. They moved the concert to Chinese New Year's Eve. So understandably, many Chinese fans cannot attend. But the boys did a wonderful performance, nonetheless. I could still feel the excitement, as the intro music started playing, and the 5 boys appeared from under the stage. The first few notes of DeJa Vu filled the air. I could feel my heart beating faster and I can't help but scream! I was waving my light stick like crazy, screaming my head off. LOL. I didn't care about anything else, I only cared about the fact that I was there, a few steps away from them, about to see them perform LIVE! I can't even begin to describe the feeling, words are just not enough!

SLR cameras were not allowed inside the hall, so I wasn't able to take pictures of the boys performing. But I knew that a lot of clear, high quality pictures and fancams will be shared throughout the Internet, so I didn't worry about it much. Besides, when you're busy taking pictures and taking videos, you can't focus as much on the live performance itself. So I just promised myself that I will concentrate on the concert and enjoy every single precious moment because that's what I was there for. Anyway, there are lots of pictures available on the Net so I'm not worried at all. Thanks to all the shutterbugs who shared them with us. I hope they don't mind me sharing the pics as well. I placed them in albums since there are too many to post here. Click on the picture of the member to be directed to their respective albums.

Okay, so the major disappointment was, there's no JITJOONG. And that was supposed to be the highlight of my night. Sigh. I was really really looking forward to seeing Leader rip off his clothes LIVE. He did it in all the previous PERSONAS, so why not now?! They said it's because of Thai regulations that he didn't, what the heck?! It's hard to believe that Thais are that conservative! Geez! Well, no use crying over spilt milk. After the concert, the 4 boys, Leader, Young Saeng, Kyu and Baby went straight to the airport for their flight back to Seoul. Jung Min was the only one who stayed behind because he wanted to do some shopping the following day.

♥♥♥ February 14: Going Home! ♥♥♥

We stayed in the hotel the whole morning. Then we went to the airport at 2pm and waited for 10 hours for our 12:05am flight. We ate, did some people watching to pass the time, and basically just waited for the hours to go by. At around 9pm, we noticed there were some TS fans arriving at the airport. So what I did, I took out my Kim Hyun Joong fan (I bought it from the concert venue) and a couple of Thai Fans who we knew from concert, approached us. They told us that they followed Jung Min all day! According to them, they waited for him to leave Dusit Thani, then followed him around the city. They said he went shopping in Siam Paragon, then he also went for a massage in a spa. They said that he even bought a pink shirt for Valentine's (which he wore to the airport). Lucky them!

I wasn't sure what time was Jung Min's flight but I think it was 11:30pm. He arrived at the airport through GATE A where lots of fans (including me and Jov) were waiting for him. We were at the GATE lining up, trying to catch a glimpse of Mal. I got a very short clip of him, but it's not high quality. But my goal was to really get a good closer look at him, and I did just that. He's just soooo handsome! He was all smiles, and he kept waving and nodding and bowing to the fans. He even stopped walking and turned back because a fan really wanted to give him a gift and the guard was pushing her. He accepted the gift and went on his way. Even to the very end, he was waving at us. He's really a sweetheart. Thanks Jung Minnie! Click here for more pics of Jung Min @ Bangkok Airport.

Video Uploader: phtriples@YouTube

Even though we haven't slept a wink yet, we boarded our plane with smiles on our faces. We had a wonderful Bangkok Trip, and an amazing concert experience, thanks to SS501!

To end this long post, let me just say a few things about each of the members:

Hyun Joong - We all know that Leader is exceptionally handsome, but when you see him in person, right there in front of you, you will be mesmerized a thousand times more. He's just sooo beautiful, like an angel. Flawless, ethereal. His smile warms me up like no other. He stayed on our side of the stage quite often, and we got a really good look at him. He's just sooo handsome, I don't even know if I can describe it well enough. You have GOT to see it for yourself!

Young Saeng - This guy is just so magnetic, I can't help but be attracted to his cute dimples, chubby arms, tummy fats, heavenly voice, and his million dollar smile. There's just something about him that's really attractive. In person, he looks the same as he is on TV and in pictures, so there really isn't any surprise there, but when I really stared at him, I can't help but feel that tingly "kilig" feeling that I can't explain. And he's cute in everything he does!

Kyu Jong - Kyu looks a million times better in person than on TV and in pictures. He didn't come to our side of the stage that often, but he did come once or twice. He threw water at us, but unfortunately, not a drop reached me. Haha. But I can still picture the scene clearly in my mind, Kyu smiling brightly, and being all hyper. I stared at him when he got close, and MAN, he's really handsome! His features are well-chiseled, much like Leader's. And he was all wet! I enjoyed seeing him run around the stage like a little boy playing.

Jung Min - Now this was a surprise. I really didn't expect Mal to be THAT handsome in person. But boy, he's sooo handsome that he got promoted to my #2 spot (tied with YS and Kyu). Seriously. We got to see him at the airport up close, and he's just amazing. And did I mention he looks waaaaaayyy more handsome in person than in print? Pictures and videos don't do him justice. He's one hell of a charmer, that guy!

Hyung Jun - Baby looks just the same in person as he is in pictures and on TV. No doubt, he's very handsome, and seeing him in person, that just totally confirms how handsome he really is. He's as sweet as ever, as seen in the way he adjusted Saengie's hair, the way he shared his microphone when Mal's wasn't working. The way he bowed several times on stage for the fans. He was always on the other side of the stage, we only got to see him up close once when he went to our side. Although I have to say, he really is a great live performer. He knows how to work up the stage!

This Bangkok trip made me realize something: I just can't get enough of SS501! Honestly! The press conference, the 2-hour concert, the seemingly endless waiting and stalking, the super close encounter with Jung Min, all of these are not enough to satisfy my craving for these boys. If anything else, it made me long for them even more! I love these boys so much, it's crazy! I wish I could go to their Encore concert, but at this point, that's next to impossible. I just wish they'd come to the Philippines too! These boys are so awesome! And I mean really awesome! Seeing them in person, is really a dream come true for me. Being there with them in their concert, cheering them on, is the best feeling ever! Amazingly surreal. It's an experience that I will treasure forever.

P.S. Sorry for the long update. I just thought I'd cram it all in one post, I hope you guys don't mind. Oh, and before I forget, I know I'm 3 days delayed, but still... let me greet everyone a Belated Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Picture Credits: as tagged


LyN said...

wow kate!! this post is so long!! but honestly..i didn't even get bored while reading it..been waiting for u to share ur experiences actually..u are so lucky to be able to see them in person and performed live in front of u!! it felt so happy reading fan accounts because that reminds me that SS501 is indeed real..waahh..i really hope they do visit us here soon..i want to see them also..(especially saengi..hehe..really he looks the same in person? for kyu..i think all triple s who sees him in person say that he's really good looking and that pictures & vids don't do him any justice..hehe..)

thank you for sharing this wonderful fan account..i enjoyed reading it.. ^_^

Anonymous said...

yeah me 2...I hope that someday they'll come here to the Philippines, u are soooooo LUCKY!!I wish I was there 2..hAHAh

nerissa said...

thank you kate for sharing your experiences of persona bkk, well its ok if its too long this is what i've been waiting for from you. you've given all the details that i wanted to read and with the way you describe the boys seems i've also seen them in person.

it gives much more desire in me to really see them in person kate especially leader of the way you've described him no wonder just like the others who were able to see him in person has the same description of him as well as what i've read from a lot of fan accounts saying the same thing that he looks ethereal in real life.

hope my wish to see them too will come true even just once i'd be very happy but i dont know if i will be satisfied like what you feel kate, seeing them makes you crave more of them.
love it you're so lucky kate.

SS501 Die-Hard Fan! Cynthia!!! said...


sha filan said...

now i'm screaming!!!!
now i can clearly feel wat u feell...
even my heart also pounding when reading urs..
i can't imagine if i were at the concert also!!!
must be also fainted, i guess!!!
hahahah! i wish i could be there also! really are!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for sharing with us your wonderful experience with the boys... its as if i was there all along side with you.. also feeling the "kilig" moment.. i'm sure you'll be remembering those moments for the rest of you life..^^* wish they can come here too.. (sigh)..
'nyways, nice to hear you're back safe and sound..
btw, belated happy valentine's to you too!!^^*


Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing your experiences, i enjoyed reading your travelogue, i imagined i was there also,, hmmm.. kyupido is really handsome, ! i do believe on that,, kamsahamnida again for sharing! :)

Janics Chong said...

KATTEEE ! I love your fans account ! I couldnt get enough reading your fans account. I want more and more details!! wheeee~

I'm glad that you had a great night and delightful Bangkok trip. Even I could attend the concert *disappointed*, but I'm very very happy to see ALL pictures and fancam which is circulating on the Internet. Wheee~ I cant get enough of their picturesss !

I guess I would turn to be one of you when I saw the boys with my own bare eyes *imagining* I'm really glad that the concert was a blast and most of the Triple S had a wonderful concert there.

Thanks for sharing with us again and I enjoyed reading it. I dont mind reading summore if it get even longer


grayceheart said...

i love your post Kate... it seems that i'm also in Bangkok while reading this... it is really amazing how these boys touch our lives... thank you so much for sharing this...(inggit mode here) hehe...

Eunike said...

You're great and lucky! i really want to be as devoted as you. i'm indonesian and really glad that there were indonesian fans that came to the concert. Aww... i want it so bad to! X(

but thanks to you my agony reduced a bit. you and your fabulous fan accounts. LOVE YOU KATE!!!

SS501 forever, TS forever.

phtriples said...

guys! thanks for reading through this awfully long fan account. hahaha. i just wish i could share with you all the happiness and excitement I felt seeing the boys! :)

Anonymous said...

oh Kate eonni...
i wish i were lucky as you T.T
but this's one of your a-must read page...
i love to read it :)

nelza from indonesia :)

H2OBaby said...

Thanks for sharing your fan account Kate! Inggit ako!!! I even missed the live broadcast that Shu posted. Sigh. Still, glad to know you guys had fun on your trip and I really had fun reading this!

tonz.cah_04 said...

wow congrats cause you went all the way to bangkok! whew! many thanks to your fan account :) My day is incomplete w/o listening to SS501 music! I can't resist of them! Oftentimes others laugh at me cause they heard i'm listening to kpop and i don't care cause i'm really kpopholic!!! they really don't understand! unlike triplesphils we're sharing same interests right? you've mentioned that there's empty seats during the concert? wish we're the ones seating there huhu of course i have plans to watch them soon even if it's out of the country. it's my first time to be addicted to korean boy group SS501! they are my bliss..

Anonymous said...

is there really lot of vacant seats?

Anonymous said...

Hiiiii I'm Juni Huang (Triple S from indonesia) we meet a day before the pres. Con @ Siam Paragon and took some pictures :D (saw my picture on the top with the other Kyu's Wife kekekekekeke) any way really nice to meet all of you guys :D hope one day we can meet again ^_^

phtriples said...

Hi Juni! wow! so nice of you to drop by! :) it was really nice meeting you too! we enjoyed the concert a lot right? hope to meet you again someday too. take care! ^_^

Novi said...

hyahaaaaaa....that's me on the picture!!! the girl with white shirt, posed together w/ others kyu's wifey.... xD

ooppss sorry, too excited till I forget to introduce my self...ehehe
I'm Novi, also from Indonesia, just like juni

drop by to say Phils TS are very nice and welcome, thanKYU for the sweet friendship
hope to meet u all again someday, girls... ^^

phtriples said...

hello novi! glad to see you guys here in my blog! :) thanks for being nice when we met in Bangkok. See u again someday, i hope! God bless! ^_^

Libby29 said...

well done kate! A very detailed account of your SS501 experience. hehehe. that's exactly ours too.

Missing you already! hope I can find the time to visit you in Iloilo soon! I'd like to try to local cuisine that was featured at the february issue of the "Metro"...

always take care!!!

lady said...

whew..its absolutely great!!!!!!!! thanks for sharing..eventhough we werent able to see them in person and be there in that seems like were there and have witnessed that big event..oh well...NAKAKAINNGIT TALAGA.! that's why im studying so that when I passed the board exam,I'll make it sure that I will going to work in KOREA just to see them all,most especially KIM HYUN JOONG.!!!!!owww..tnx a lot for the wonderful sharing..!=)

Anonymous said...

you are absolutely right for your comments - especially when you described each member in person - i also attended their BKK concert - and we are on the same side - I am in SE level - leader is definitely so gorgeous in person - right it's hard to describe him in person - saengie is so cute - right to your description - kyu jong - right a million times handsome in person - also jung min is really handsome in person - and also right for Hyung jun - the same in person. good job for the sharing of your experience.

She said...

kate, sorry just now. i want to go to korea!! im so jealous of people going to the encore concert! sana we could've gone to the korea encore instead of the bkk one.. :( - she

phtriples said...

she... yeah, i wish we'd gone to korea instead of bangkok, but still... i'm glad we got to see them. maybe now's not the time for us to go to korea, but hopefully soon! in another concert! hehe. i'm crossing my fingers and toes! :P

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