Ahhh, it's been a long day. I'm glad that when I got back online, there are fan accounts waiting for me. And it's for dear Kyu... some fans saw him during his filming (according to previous news) for the drama SuperStar and created fan accounts to share with us. Lucky lucky of them to see Kyu! This should at least ease our longing for our dear center. Thanks guys!

[Fan Account][2010.02.08] Kyu Jong filming - Fan account 1

Date unknown

Yesterday Kyu came over to my neighborhood for filming, so I went over to see.
The atmosphere is great ^^ He was playing around with the staffs, and seems to be quite close with Nam Gyuri too~ There is a scene where he has to run, and the strap (translator note : maybe from the clothes?) entangled onto Kyu’s leg, and PD noticed it and ended up roaring with laughter ^^ (translator note : I’m not sure about this, but only sure that Kyu made the PD laugh..)

I don’t know if he trimmed his hair, because it doesn’t look as long as in the wedding photo !! I don’t know if it is because he is acting as a patient, his lip color is very pale, and the clothes he wore is also very cute~he even wore a cute baseball cap >.< style="">

Credits : Naver blog + redcat111 @ KimKyuJong.com.cn + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com



[Fan Account][2010.02.08] Kyu Jong filming - Fan account 2

29-Jan, in a hospital at ShinChon, someone saw Nam Gyuri filming with this person. According to her, this person stayed back to film for quite a long time after filming his part with Nam Gyuri. This ‘passerby’ even took a photo of that person wearing the hospital clothes~~

30-Jan, one Korean Green Pea (totally lucky person) was going through a park with her friend, and this person filming (with Nam Gyuri), Her friend recognizes that it is SS501’s Kim KyuJong, and while watching the filming, they were being captivated by his lovely smile.

According to some prior news, KyuJong is filming for the drama ‘Super Star’

Credits : Kim JJ Blog + DSP & HS & naver blogs + KimKyuJong.com.cn + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com


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