February 3, 2010

A Few Updates On Jung Minnie

While we wait for some news, pictures and videos of Jung Minnie's appearance in Pretty Bride 2010 in Japan (only fancam I saw so far is a 4-second video clip)... in the meantime, here are a few updates on him:

  • He returned to Korea earlier today, as seen in a fancam of him at the airport. And another fancam.
  • Also, I found this old news video clip of his and Hyung Jun's graduation. It's an old clip (Mal's hair is still white here), but it's the first time I saw it. Click here to watch.
  • As for Human Theater 2, we're still waiting for the other subbed parts of Episode 1. There's a subbed video that came out courtesy of mangosorbet for Part 1 of Episode 2, but I won't post it here just yet. Click the link to watch.
  • Episode 3 preview is out too, showing Mal getting drunk, and then bursting into laughter! Hahaha! I wish we could see the whole show soon with English subs.
  • And finally, below are pics of Jung Min with his Golden Ticket trophy on the set of Human Theater.
Picture credit: SS601


nadinads said...


The videos that you posted here were great!
It's the very first time I saw the graduation of Jung Minnie and Baby Hyung Jun... XD (I just saw Leader's before...:D)

Could you by any chance found videos of any SS501 members, or even better if all of them during their audition/s in DSP?
I really want to see them...I tried finding but can't find it...:D

Thanks!!! :D

phtriples said...

Hi nadinads, I don't think there are any videos of their audition... if there is, it would have been out somewhere... i'd like to see one too.

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