Looks like Kara and Rainbow will show their support for their DSP Entertainment soobae group SS501! DSPE has revealed that Kara and Rainbow will perform an encore stage with SS501 for the boys’ concert which will be held at Seoul Olympic Park’s gymnastic stadium on February 27th and 28th.

DSP Entertainment stated, “SS501 was sad that they didn’t get a chance to perform with their hoobaes, Kara and Rainbow. So to make the concert more special, we have invited them.”

Kara and Rainbow commented, “We are very honored to be performing with our sunbaes who we always respected. To make the concert much better, we will put on the greatest stage ever.”

Kara will be performing with SS501 on the 27th, while Rainbow will be performing on the 28th.

Aww, it’s great to see some DSPE family love, don’t you agree?

Source: allkpop

Looks like the Encore Concert really is different from all the previous PERSONAs. Do you think SS501 will be performing the butt dance with Kara? Kekeke. I wonder what they have in store for the fans. I really wish I could go, for those who are going, you guys are soooooo fortunate! Can't wait for pictures and fancams! 4 more days to go!


LyN said...

haha! so excited!! after i read about this news..the first thing that comes to my mind is the butt dance also!! haha..are we going to see them dress as KARA while doing the butt dance?..wahaha..i can't wait for the encore! DSP ♥

Anonymous said...

Yeah! SS501 and KARA

DSP love<333

Rainbow not yet a big fan but maybe someday

tonz.cah_04 said...

Good luck SS501 to your persona encore tomorrow. Congratulations in advance surely, it's another huge success for you guys!

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