On 15th, the day after Valentine Day, according to Korean fan, Hero Jae Jong drove his cool R8 sports car, together with Mickey Yoo Chun and Hyun Joong, attended SNSD Jessica's musical. In this musical, Lee Honey who was selected by Hyun Joong in Champagne as his ideal girl was also one of the actress. XDD

Two of the persons circled in the picture below, the person in front who was wearing a hat was Hero Jae Joong, and the person behind, who was looking at his handphone was Mickey Yoo Chun, and...... the person standing beside Jae Joong wearing a gray hoodie was wuri wangja Kim Hyun Joong. Why Saengie was not together with them, hmmm..... the conclusion is: Jessica was not Saengie's cup of tea, his ideal is..... you know who.... Kim Tae Yeon!

Credits: JI_AMO + Baidu Tieba DBSK + 妃茵 @ TripleSTW.com + (English translation) SS501UFO.blogspot.com

Wow! That's one cool sports car right there! So Leader is hanging out with his hyungs. I wonder where T.O.P. is. They must really like Jessica. This was the day after Valentine's day? Hmm... I also wonder where SS501 spent their Valentine's day. We know where Jung Min was that day, but how about the other 4? Curious... curious...


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