Did you guys catch Maknae in Music High this morning? He invited his friend from his new show MBC Game 'Progamer'. If you've been following the show (which I'm sure you have) you know that he got really close with Seo Gyeong Jong (aka SHARK). I like Shark, by the way. He seems like a really nice guy. And he's been really good to our Baby Hyung Jun. I love seeing this tandem. Sweet of Maknae to invite his new friend on over to his radio show. Shark is really getting popular because of Hyung Jun. :) Can't wait for the 3rd episode of Progamer!

Screencaps Credit: SS501UFO.blogspot.com


LyN said...

haha! shark! i love him! haha..what is he singing?..maybe its because im stupid again..hehe..baby should invite jaekyung from rainbow as well!! haha..i love baby's hair in this pic..he looks so handsome..

mokona said...

aw.. maknea's so cute >_< Damn! i regret not listening to it last night! i should have! T^T does anybody know how to watch him on his webcam? i mean like is there a website to go to?

grexx501 said...

nice! i was listening to music high that time and wondered who is baby's guest.. and so this is him.. hehe..

@LyN: yeah they sang because im stupid and one other song (sorry dont know what song it was)..

they were like laughing the whole time.. lols^^

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