I couldn't write this fan account properly at first. I was feeling a bit sentimental, and probably having withdrawal symptoms from saying goodbye to KyuSaeng. But I finally finished it. I have to warn you guys, it's very long! So for those who are willing to read a very long fan account, then by all means, read through...

NOTE: I didn't bring a camera with me, so all fancams in this account are taken by other TS. Thanks to them, these moments were preserved. Photo and video credits as tagged.

February 3, 2010

Today, Chinese New Year, is the day we arrive in Manila, and today is also the day of YS and Kyu's arrival in Manila! We arrived at approximately 11:10 am at Terminal 3 of NAIA. We knew that KyuSaeng's flight arrives at 11:05 so we were hoping that we could at least get a glimpse of them when they arrive at the hotel. We hurried over to Sofitel and we only had to wait for about 5 minutes before KyuSaeng came! I was so excited and really looking forward to see them, it felt like my heart was beating fast in anticipation, and then stopped at the sight of them both. We were just there at the lobby and they entered with a bunch of security people. There was a dragon dance going on inside the hotel, but we barely noticed anything except the two tall, gorgeous young men entering the lobby. My eyes landed on Young Saeng first, he was walking ahead of Kyu, his pace was quite fast that I only had a few seconds of him before my eyes zoned in on Kyu Jong trailing behind. I've seen Kyu in Bangkok Persona before, but never this close! I was just ogling at him. I called his name once, and he smiled! He looked so good with straight hair. YS was wearing sunglasses. There weren't many fans there because everyone was at the airport! My friend was able to get a couple of shots.

Credit: @jaksalee123

When Kyu and YS have gone to their rooms, we waited at the lobby for the check-in time. After checking in, we found out that there will be a press conference at around 4pm, so we went to the lobby hoping we could see them walk by. They went down past 4pm and went to Davao Function Room for the presscon. Here's a short clip taken by a friend.

On the way to Press Conference
Video Uploader: namjachingukhj06@YouTube

When the boys were inside the conference venue, we realized we haven't had lunch yet so we decided to grab a bite at Le Bar inside the hotel. In less than an hour, the boys emerged from the presscon and went back to their rooms.

KyuSaeng after the press conference

Pictures from the press conference

Credit: Kyu's

They were to have a one-on-one interview after the press conference, so we decided to stick around. At about 6pm, they appeared again, and went to Panay Function Room this time. While waiting, we saw their manager, Hyeong Jin, and we greeted him Annyeong HaSeyo. He responded to us with a smile and a bow before going inside the function room. We also met a few lovely TS friends and we planned to sing Saengil Chukha for Kyu. When the whole entourage came out of the function room, we stood at one side and sang. Kyu was doing the ssshh sign at us, so cute! I looked at YS and he was smiling, pointing at Kyu. Keke. Watch the video below.

TSPH singing Happy Birthday to Kyu
Video Uploader: 06skull06@YouTube

I had a beautiful moment with Kyu (too bad the fancam didn't capture it, keke) He looked back at us and our eyes met for about 2seconds, and he gave me a sweet smile, with that seductive gaze of his. I melted on the spot. I must have frozen, coz I stood rooted on my spot and didn't even follow them anymore. Hahaha! I loved seeing YS smile, but at that moment, Kyu took my breath away. LOL. I can still remember that image of his face vividly! It's just too bad I wasn't able to snap a picture or something. :( Even inside the elevator, Kyu was waving at us, so sweet!

It was almost dark, and we didn't know what's next on their schedule so we went up to our rooms while talking non-stop about how gorgeous they both are. After a few hours, we got a tip that they went out to dinner. We weren't able to see them out, but we were lucky to be there at the lobby when they returned. Kyu looked cute in a white hoodie. YS looked nice too, he was walking with their manager. Check out the video...

Video Uploader: 06skull06@YouTube

Then we went up to our rooms to catch KyuSaeng on SNN...

KyuSaeng on SNN
Video Uploader: 3kimheopark4SS501@YouTube

That was the last we saw of them on their first day in Manila. Six glimpses of KyuSaeng in a day, not bad for the first day of fangirling!

February 4, 2010

We started off the next day with an early buffet breakfast at the hotel's restaurant, SPIRAL. We knew the schedule of the boys for the day, thanks to a tip, so we knew what to expect. We never planned on following the boys outside the hotel, so we just contented ourselves with seeing them off and back at the hotel. Their first schedule was a TV appearance on our local program, "Showtime". It was just a short stint, but I was happy that there were a lot of fans who went to the show to cheer for our boys. They were there really early, because it was difficult to get into the show. So kudos to you guys! I loved seeing Kyu and Saengie's smile when they saw the fans.

On the way to Showtime
Video Uploader: ivannahLMH@YouTube

Video Uploader: namjachingukhj06@YouTube

KYUSAENG at Showtime
Video Uploader: ivannahLMH@YouTube

We were told that they had late lunch at Alex III. They also had radio interviews in DZMM and Tambayan 101.9. I think they also had a couple more interviews at ABS CBN, but I'm not sure when it will be shown. After a busy day, they went back to the hotel late afternoon, and we were also there to catch a glimpse of them. Can't get enough of them! Kekeke. YS said, "Mahal ko kayo (I love you)" while he was passing us by. So sweet! See from vid below.

Back at hotel from TV & radio guesting
Video Uploader: ivannahLMH@YouTube

They still had a magazine interview/shoot left for the day at the Panay function room. We were eating again at Le Bar. When they went out, Kyu had his hair curled again and wearing a hat, and Saengie was looking cute. I always get excited every time I see them pass by, who would get tired of looking at them, right? They are just a joy to behold! The interview lasted for about an hour. This time there were more fans at the hotel waiting for them. At first it was just us, but then suddenly, out of nowhere, numerous fans came and some of them couldn't contain themselves and were quite loud in their excitement. As for us, we were just trailing behind quietly.

The boys went back to their rooms to freshen up. We heard they were going to go have dinner outside at a restaurant called Dampa. When it was time for them to leave, as usual, since we DIDN'T intend to follow them all the way to the restaurant, we just saw them off. I think they were in a good mood that night, as you can see from their smiles and waves below. I heard YS say something to us when he waved, but of course, I didn't know what it meant since he said it in Hangul. Try and see in the video below if you can decipher what he said.

Leaving for dinner
Video Uploader: 06skull06@YouTube

Back from dinner
Video Uploader: 06skull06@YouTube

Credit: @jaksalee123

We gave our gifts that night. But not directly to the boys. We kindly asked one of their entourage (not sure if he was a dancer or staff) to give our gifts to the boys. He accepted our gifts and said he would give them to the boys. After that, we went straight to our rooms, and decided to call it a day.

February 5, 2010

Day of the fanmeet! I was so excited I woke up real early. We ate a hearty breakfast first to fuel up for the day. We heard the boys will be leaving the hotel at around noon time, so we rested a bit first. We watched Encore Persona DVD in our room. We kept replaying the multi-angle shots of the boys for the song OBSESS. If you haven't seen it yet, brace yourself for SS501 seductive antics. Particularly the part of the song where the lyrics goes, "so good, so good, girl". If you have an Encore DVD, watch it especially Leader's wink!

Anyway, noon time, the boys finally left the hotel to rehearse at PICC. Again, we decided to sing a bit for the boys. We sang Snow Prince this time, and Kyu did that sshh thing again. Hahaha! He's such a cutie. And Saengie flashed us that deep dimple of his. When they were inside the van, it didn't leave right away, so we still had a glimpse of the boys inside. Kyu was constantly waving at us, while YS was I think in his own world. LOL. But we saw them read our banners and posters. I saw YS tinker with his cellphone and Kyu was bobbing his head up and down. Watch the video below.

On the way to rehearsals
Video Uploader: ivannahLMH@YouTube

We were told that they weren't going to come back anymore before the fanmeet, so we just went back to our rooms, watched TV, and just wait for 6:30pm for the fanmeet. At around 3:30, MYX aired a short interview of KyuSaeng with VJ Janine. The last bit really cracked me up. And "yer watching MYX, yer choice, yer music." The bebengs are so cute, aren't they?!

KyuSaeng @ MYX Interview
Video Uploader: namjachingukhj06@YouTube

At around 5pm, we finally went to the venue. We bought light sticks from the booth. I wanted to buy both Kyu and YS light sticks, but I don't have enough budget for both. My friend bought the Kyu Jong light stick so I only bought Young Saeng's. We took pictures of ourselves with the tarpolines and standees, and then we looked at the list of 100 Handshake session winners. I was really praying that I will be one of the lucky fans to shake hands with KyuSaeng. See, I'm not really the lucky type when it comes to raffles, so I was expecting I wouldn't get picked. But luckily, my seat number was there! Oh my God, I was so happy, ecstatic even! That was like the icing on top of the whole cake. Imagine, being able to touch their hand?! Thank you Lord! Haha!

My Fanmeet VIP Ticket and Young Saeng Light Stick

Then we lined up to enter the fanmeet. It was nice, there was already a growing line of fans queuing for the fanmeet. We were told that they won't allow professional and digital cameras inside the venue, so those who brought cameras had to deposit them outside. I didn't bring a camera with me, so I was among the first to get into the venue. The cold air conditioning inside the hall was just adding to my excited nerves. I saw the stage, the large screen with KyuSaeng's names, the lights, ahh, it's really happening. I went to my seat, I was in Row 3 which was really near the stage, and someone gave me a sticker for the handshake session after the fanmeet. Now just had to wait for the hall to be filled. It was around 6:00pm, and I was so excited. It was great to see that the hall was packed! Only a few VIP seats were left empty. I could feel the energy and excitement buzzing from the crowd. I have to say this was one of those few events that started on time and right on the dot. When 6:30 rolled in, the lights dimmed, music blared from the speakers, and we saw Kyu and YS walk out of the stage to the notes of Because I'm Stupid. They were wearing beige suits and the whole crowd erupted with screams and cheers!

Then they were interviewed by Grace Lee (a Korean host who is very fluent in Hangul, English and Tagalog). The boys had to pick a letter from the phrase "IN MANILA" and answer the corresponding questions. I can't remember exactly the questions and answers, but just to give you the gist of what they said...

Kyu picked a letter first, then was asked if there's a chance for SS501 to visit the Philippines for a full concert. Kyu replied, that they would love to, but right now they're focusing on their solo activities, but it's going to be talked over and hopefully they'll be able to work something out. Next question was picked by YS. He asked the fans first what letter should he choose, then he picked one and I think it asked him to do a bit of Snow Prince. He stood up and "Snow Prince" played in the background, and he did a bit of it, Kyu danced along with him at the side. Crowd went wild! Next was Kyu again, he picked a question which said, "if you were to switch bodies with each other for a day, what would you do?" Kyu answered something like, "Young Saeng hyung has a very good voice, so I think I'll go to noraebang (karaoke) and sing." YS, on the other hand, answered "I will go to a public bath naked." Hahaha! We were all screaming our hearts out. Then he added, "I won't care because it's not my body that will be seen". LOL! Naughty YS. Third question was directed to YS, "Is it possible for you to fall in love with a Triple S?" YS hesitated and said he was caught off guard with the question and didn't have a ready answer. Haha. I think overall, he said that with love, anything is possible, but it would be difficult to pick one TS, he said he wants to be in love with all TS. Ain't that sweet?! Kekeke. Last question was, "what is their impression with TS Philippines?" They said they were amazed with the level of support because they didn't know they have lots of fans in the Philippines. They said they're touched and very happy to meet their fans here. Awww... here are a few snapshots of the interview portion. Credits to janelee.

Credit: janelee

Fans were clamoring for more interview questions, but they said they had to move on with the show and sing something that they haven't performed before. This was gonna be their first time singing the song together in public and they hoped the fans would like it. Kyu stayed on stage, then "Nameless Memory" started playing. We were screaming again when Kyu started off the song. After a bit, YS joined in. It was so nice to hear Kyu sing Saengie's song. They finished the duet to the loud screams of fans, I felt like my throat was gonna burst from screaming so much!

After the 2nd song, it was time for the Halo2x making contest. Halo-Halo is a very popular dessert here in the Philippines. Kyu said he already tasted Halo2x but didn't know how to make one yet. YS looked like he was in his own world, trying to figure out the ingredients. Haha! So cute. The host said that in all the KyuSaeng fanmeetings, YS only won once in the food making contest, so Kyu will try his best to maintain his winning streak. So on their mark, set, go! YS kept looking over at the fans, he was constantly trying to make them teach him what to do, he looked so cute! The fans at his side of the hall were helping him out. Kyu was also looking at the fans at his side of the room (we were seated there) trying to ask if what he's doing is correct. The whole time, the crowd was cheering them on. It was funny, coz the both of them put crushed ice first in the tumblers. Hahaha! With a little coaching from fans, they removed the ice and put in the other ingredients first.

It was really an intimate moment for us, because Kyu was always looking at our direction, communicating with us silently, and I couldn't take my eyes off him! He finished way ahead of YS, the fans at our side were pointing at the milk, and Kyu nodded his head as if saying "Yeah, yeah don't worry, I know that's next." Then gave us a thumbs up sign, as if he knew the whole process by heart. Hahaha! He was so funny. And he kept licking his lips and sticking out his tongue in that sexy way of his, argh! Meanwhile, YS was having a hard time finishing up his halo-halos. Kyu went to his side of the table and offered him water to add as ingredient. Hahaha! Naughty Kyu. Then since YS was so slow at finishing, Kyu made his own halo-halo and ate it, even came over to Young Saeng's table, deliberately teasing him. LOL! A moment later, YS finally finished his halo-halos. Then they asked 3 fans to go up the stage and judge their work. They only raffled 3 numbers, but a 4th fan came up. Weird. So it was down to four judges then.

Bottom line, Kyu won the contest. Why? Because he was so coy and manipulative in that sexy, adorable way of his. He kept enticing the fans to give him a good score. Hahaha! Even when the fans were giving YS scores, he would go near the fan as if charming them not to give a high score to his opponent. Hahaha! And who couldn't resist him right? YS wasn't doing this type of fan service, so naturally, Kyu won! LOL! Kyu was also sweet in guiding the fans down the stage.

Since he lost, YS had to drink another unpleasant tasting juice. This time, it's ampalaya juice. Ampalaya is a vegetable which is really bitter. He smelled the juice and resigned to his fate, he drank it straight. We were chanting his name out loud to give him a boost. And he downed it all like a real man! Kyu said to him, "who said you needed to drink it all up?" Hahaha! The host asked if YS was okay, and he said, he's okay. He felt healthy after drinking it. Kyu said it's just what he needed because he was getting old. Haha! Dorks.

After the game, the tables were cleared, and the video of their US trip was shown. The crowd was cheering all throughout the video. Then after the video, YS came and performed Love Like This English version and Kyu performed Never Let You Go. I was really looking to both of these performances. Catch a glimpse of them in the video below. You'll see a bit of Saengie's tummy action and Kyu's crotch grab, which was really sexy!!! We were screaming like crazy!

Video Uploader: hathor2@YouTube

After the boys' solo performances, Grace Lee came to the stage again with the boys. YS got shy when the host asked the audience if we think he's sexy. And there was a deafening "YES!" from the crowd. He smiled shyly. Aaww, he was cute. He said if we found his performance sexy, what more on the next number.

Then they introduced the next video, the first one was Kyu@Lotte World, and then YS@Baseball game. In the video, YS was asked if he loves Triple S, he said of course, and then he was asked how much he loves his fans, he gave the answer, "As high as the sky as vast as the earth." Awwww, I felt like crying. It was so touching.

Then after the video, the stage dimmed, and the notes of "Wuss Up" filled the room. We were surprised to see YS appear on the lift and not Kyu! Maybe this was what YS was saying about doing something different for their Philippine fans. He was wearing Kyu's Wuss Up outfit. He looked so HOT!!! Even the Love Ya jump that Kyu does in the Wuss Up chorus, he did quite splendidly. Catch a bit of that in Hathor's video above. Then nearing the middle, Kyu joined in wearing a white suit and white cap and did what he did best. The boys even went down the stage for a bit, we were all on our feet, really grooving with them.

After the performances, Grace Lee appeared on stage again, then Kyu came out. No YS at first. Then when Grace was talking to Kyu, YS suddenly appeared on stage with a birthday cake for Kyu! Kyu said he was wondering what's taking YS so long, he wasn't expecting a surprise! Kyu said it wasn't his cake because it only had 3 candles. YS said, it's okay, it simply means he has a mentality of a 3 year old. Hahaha! Oh Saengie! Then we sang Happy Birthday in Korean, and the host made him wish. Kyu paused for a bit and then blew out the candles. We were also asked to sing him Happy Birthday in Tagalog. YS said that Kyu looked as if he's about to cry. LOL. He said his wish was that on his next birthday, he'll be able to spend it with TS. Awww. That solicited another round of screams from us.

Kyu Jong's Birthday Surprise
Video Uploader: tweetyandfriends@YouTube

After the birthday segment, Grace introduced the video especially made by Triple S Philippines for KyuSaeng. The song used was 'At The Beginning' sung by Richard Marx and Donna Lewis from the movie 'Anastasia'. It was made by Jellah Jimenez (samco23@youtube). KyuSaeng sat on their chairs and watched the video. We were looking at their reactions in the dark. When the video was finished, the boys said that it was really touching and they liked the lyrics of the song. They even asked the title of the song and who sang it. Then they asked the maker of the video to come up the stage. They gave her 2 photobooks as a special gift of appreciation. Kyu said that from now on, whenever he'll hear the song, he will remember this moment. Awww.

At The Beginning by TSPH
Video Uploader: triplesph@YouTube

After that was the hand massage session. They picked 2 lucky fans to go up on stage and receive a hand cream from each of them. Not only that, the 2 lucky girls will also have the rare opportunity to have the boys massage the cream on their hands! My heart was pounding like mad, since we all had equal opportunities to get our numbers drawn. But unfortunately, my number wasn't called. Two lucky ladies got called on stage. One was a friend who was staying with us at the hotel, she picked Kyu to give her the hand massage. She's Kyu-biased. And the other girl (14 years old) got Saengie. She said that her parents were outside waiting, and YS even bowed as if to ask permission or apologize that he will be massaging their daughter's hand. LOL. Grace said the fan was even shaking. And that's when YS put his arm around her shoulders. We were just looking at them and giggling and screaming when the boys finally massaged the cream on the fans' hands. Kyu was kinda shy. Keke.

After the hand massage, Grace Lee said thank you and was wrapping up the whole thing as the fanmeet was about to end. Kyu even asked, "Is it over already?" Awww... he seemed like he didn't want it to end so soon. We saw that he got a bit teary-eyed. He was silent and looked like he was stopping the tears from falling, much like what he did at the end of their Persona Encore. I even cried too. Huhuhu. I didn't want that night to end.

Then they sang their last song, "Wings Of The World". We were singing with them, and waving our lightsticks in the air. I saw some people sitting near me were crying. I even shed some tears too. Watching them like this, in front of me on stage, was just so touching. I'm so proud of both of them. Then confetti fell down on the boys, they looked so cute trying to brush the confetti from their hair. Then at the end of the song, fireworks lit the stage and strings of silvery thingy's dropped on us from above. It was magical.

KyuSaeng singing closing song "Wings Of The World"
Video Uploader: bratitudelyza@YouTube

After the song, the boys waved and bowed, said "Salamat Po" (thank you) and finally, exited the stage. A few fans were chanting "Encore! Encore!" but it really was the end. Then a video of their message was shown on the screen. I cried when I read Kyu's message. It was so touching. I also read Young Saeng's, but only a little bit of it, since we were already being ushered outside to queue for the handshake session. I wish someone recorded the whole thing, or will share the whole message in writing. The fanmeet ended at exactly 8:30pm. Two hours went by like a flash!

So we lined up again outside, and by tens, we went in again to shake the boys' hands. We were not allowed to bring anything up the stage so we left our bags with the security people. I was so excited. This was it, I will be able to touch 2 members of SS501 for the first time! We were lined up to shake Young Saeng's hand first, then Kyu. When it was my turn, I looked at YS, held his gaze, shook his hand (I used both hands) and said "Thank You." He said thank you back! I noticed YS was a bit shy to look directly in the eyes. Kyu on the other hand, when I was about to shake his hands, he looked at me directly with no hesitation. Aaaah, I felt like fainting on the very spot. He was really leaning over toward the fans when he's shaking their hands, like his face only a few inches away. I said thank you also, and he said thank you back, all the while not breaking the eye-connection. Their hands are so soft! But the whole handshake session went by so fast, I didn't even have time to register the whole thing in my mind, and I found myself being ushered down the stage already. I felt like I was gliding along on cloud 9. I wish we were allowed to take pictures during the handshake, but alas, NO. I guess the moment will just be forever preserved in our memories. I felt so happy!

When we exited the hall, we got our free posters and juice and then we went back to the hotel. We were like giddy and floating and still reeling from the aftermath of the fanmeeting. We waited for the boys to return to the hotel. We heard they had an after party at some restaurant. They arrived at the hotel late evening, almost midnight. There were many fans who waited for them at the hotel. Kyu waved at us as usual. They were wearing the same casual outfits they wore earlier on their way to rehearsals. When they went up to their rooms, we also went up to our rooms. We didn't want to sleep because it would really mean the end of the day. And we didn't want it to end. Our weary bones got the best of us though and we finally fell asleep. I think we slept at around 3am.

February 6, 2010

We thought that the boys will be returning to Korea today, but we were told they were going home on Monday, Feb 7. We heard they went to the mall to do some shopping. As for us, we already had our flight booked at 12:25 noon today, so we were mentally saying our goodbye's to KyuSaeng. Our friends who were left behind told us that the boys left the hotel at around 3pm. A friend was able to get a short fancam of them.


My four-day stay in Manila was both long and short at the same time. Long because the whole four days were jam-packed with activity and KyuSaeng, and short because I can't get enough of the boys, and wish it didn't have to end. Everything was so worth it, just seeing the smiles from the boys, a wave, an acknowledgment, it wipes all the tiredness away. Sometimes I couldn't even feel hunger or thirst or anything until after we've seen the boys on their way.

Although I feel a bit sad that the whole experience has come to a close, and although I feel nostalgic and sentimental every time I see a fancam or picture of them... but still, happiness is what I feel the most, because I got to see our sweet KyuSaeng and I was able to cheer them on, and give them support, which is the best thing ever for a Triple S. It's the best feeling in the world to be able to watch our two boys on stage, performing their best, and interacting with their beloved Triple S. I would never trade that feeling for anything. It's what makes the whole experience memorable. I cried during the fanmeet, because I felt so proud of our boys. Seeing them with the huge smiles on their faces, and genuinely touched by the show of support from fans, it makes it all worth it.

Fanmeetings are really intimate. For me, it's even better than big-scale concerts. Because fanmeets are a chance for the fans to get up close and personal with their idols. I'm so grateful to all those who attended the fanmeet, your shouts and your passionate love for KyuSaeng are the reasons these 2 wonderful guys are here with us. Honestly, the screams and shouts of fans were like music to my ears, what more to the two boys. The cheers were so loud that YS couldn't even hear himself speak. LOL!

To those who were not there physically at the fanmeet, your positive thoughts and prayers also helped make the fanmeet successful. I'd also like to thank Greenlights and the TSPH staff for all their hard work in bringing KyuSaeng here in the Philippines. It was such a memorable experience for us all.

A lot of people were tweeting me, saying how they wish they were also there to see KyuSaeng. Kenchana, but guys, next time, really grab the chance to attend the fanmeet, because it's really a rare opportunity, especially to have them in our own country. That's really special! You've passed up this chance once, don't pass it up again if ever something like this happens again in the future. :) Believe me, it's totally worth it! Try your best next time, alright?

To my wonderful fellow Triple S sisters, both local and foreign, that I met during this whole experience, it was great to finally meet you guys, and I had such an awesome time. Thank you! And hopefully, we'll get to see each other again in future SS501 events!

Last but not the least, I'd like to thank Kim Kyu Jong and Heo Young Saeng. I didn't even know it was possible to love you guys more since my love for you and SS501 is overflowing already as it is, but after this whole experience, my love for you magnified a thousand times more and my respect for you grew even bigger. Both of you are such sweethearts! It's amazing to see you both so grown up already from the time you debuted, and such talented artists and beautiful individuals. I'm not worried, because I know you'll do just great in your future endeavors. I hope you had a great time visiting our country, I hope we made you happy as much as you made us happy. I can't wait to see you again, and hopefully with the rest of SS501! We'll always be here to support you, forever! Love Ya!


lisa said...

girl, thanks alot for sharing such a nice and detailed account of the fan meet!

sarah jane said...


Anonymous said...

Thank you for writing out your experience. I felt like i was there with TSPH and Kyusaeng! Now, i feel nostalgic and am having withdrawal symptoms too. >< But i loved every bit of detail you wrote. Unfortunately, they rarely get to visit the US. That's why when they do visit TS in their countries, everyone should take the opportunity. These boys have only been a blessing in my life and i am so grateful for being loved by them. Best wishes to Kyusaeng!

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