For those who are going to see the boys in Persona Encore Concert, here's some information that you guys might want to participate in. Should be fun. You guys are so lucky!

Oh, and by the way, a TSPH sister wrote an article in the Philippine Daily Inquirer about her experience in Persona Bangkok, it's entitled "Confessions of a 'K-pop' Fangirl" and of course, for those of us who were able to go to Bangkok too, we can totally relate to what she's saying. I don't know her personally but I agree with her. Especially the part about being able to accomplish many firsts because of SS501. I, for one, have experienced a lot of firsts too since being a Triple S fan. And I agree 501% that if this craziness and fangirling will bring about good things like new friends, new experiences, new places to go to, then it's definitely a journey that I am very much willing to continue embarking on. :)

Credit: SS601


nadinads said...


OMG~!!! I read the article that our fellow TSPH wrote...It was really AWESOME! There was even 2 pictures (one HJL and one all five of them, I think in the Press Con)...

I screamed while reading it, we felt the same thing...

Ok, just want to share...^^

SS501 FiGHTiNG~!! XD

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