As we know, the boys were all emotional during PERSONA ENCORE. The first video was the one that made Kyu cry. Then the 2nd vid shows Leader crying when he delivered a very touching message to the fans. Just watching these vids also brings tears to my eyes. There are very few idols who can be seen crying with their fans. It's such a tender moment. These boys really touch my heart. SS501, don't cry... Triple S will always be with you FOREVER.

Video Uploader: Harleyhns@YouTube

Video Credits: (Translation) littlelover@KHJ Int'l Forum (Subtitle) ltstraus@YT

This 3rd video shows Young Saeng's message being flashed in the screen. It's a very touching message.

Video Uploader: SaengFam@YouTube

I want to tell you my dearest friend.
Will only remember the sadness as compared to happiness~
However, I wil think of you when that happened.
We can feel the love you give
so that we can stand up and strive again.
And now we are,
we are connected together with our hearts
We can be together forever
Together, tonight, in this blissful night,
in this very moment, let our meeting become a precious memory
I love you~~~

Translation by: SaengiePB @
Please repost with full credit



tonz.cah_04 said...

It's alright that's what we called tears of joy. Triple S are here through the "HU-HU's" and "HA-HA's" of SS501 =^..^=

Honey Bliss said...

Just watched the video that made the boys cry and I also cried! I am basically a "new" fan (in terms of length of support) but I must say that I already have strong affinity for SS501.

I may like some other group's particular performance at a particular event but in my heart, SS501 is etched forever.

SS501 & Triple S fighting!

phtriples said...

@Honey Bliss: thanks! I understand the strong affinity, coz the boys are really irresistible! :)

@tonz: very well said! Hu-hu's and Ha-ha's... i like that! you are so right! ^_^

tonz.cah_04 said...

Hi ms. kate I just want to ask how can I download the first video cause I like to post it in my facebook or can you share it to me @ I really like the song wings of the world and this video is really touching!

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