[Fan Account] SS501 @ Persona in Seoul Encore Celebration Party

After watching the concert, we went to the celebration party.

The restaurant was not so big and had been booked by them. We couldn’t go in.

We waited outside the restaurant and saw them eating and playing happily inside.

We hadn’t eaten anything also so we went to eat something. Thought they wouldn’t be finished soon.

After we had eaten and returned, Hyung Jun (because needed to go to Music High) and Young Saeng (thought he must be tired) had gone already.

So disappointed~~

Once we went back, Hyun Joong and others were also going to leave.

Hyun Joong, Jung Min and Kyu Jong were going around in the restaurant. They were signing for the restaurant’s staff also. Jung Min was talking non-stopping inside.

Hyun Joong was laughing happily.

When they came out, Hyun Joong’s hand was on Kyu Jong’s shoulder all the time. He was still wearing the blue down jacket in Shanghai. His hair bang was making into a small bigtail (braid)

He opened his mouth wide and pretending to be surprised when saw us (thought he was a bit drunk and high)

Jung Min was in a red checked shirt (he is not cold?) mouth was eating a lollipop ~ ~ ~ HEHE love him much

Kyu Jong was wearing casually with a yellow down jacket and hat had been looking at his mobile phones

Before the car was gone, Hyun Joong reopen the door made us all very exciting

I didn’t know if he wanted to make fun with us or his clothing was struck.

After they had gone, DSP CEO Lee came out seemed drunken… kicked people and did want to go away.

Credits: kimhyunjoong baidu bar + (English Translation) SS501fighting

If only we went to the Encore in Seoul instead of Persona In Bangkok, we could have stalked the boys even to the after party. But it's nice to read fan accounts like this, because it gives us a glimpse of what actually happened. Thanks to the fan who shared this. It's good to know that they were all so happy in the celebration party. Again, congratulations SS501!


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