This is the 3rd video I made for SS501's Shy Prince turned Bad Boy Heo Young Saeng, with the background music "I Love You, I'm Sorry" which he sung for the Korean Drama, "Will It Snow For Christmas?"

His voice is angelic, and he brings so much emotions to the song. His passionate singing captivates the heart, his uber cute dimples make ladies swoon, and his mysterious, magnetic personality just captures you, and you can't even explain why. Hope you guys like the video!

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Video by: phtriples@YouTube


tonz.cah_04 said...

Where can I download mp3 of "i love you, i'm sorry"? Many thanks

phtriples said...

hey tonz. you can download it here:

This is NOT my mediafire account though. I just got this from the Internet. Enjoy!

tonz.cah_04 said...

Many thanks! ms. kate, tonz.cah_04 and carol is only one :)

Nelza said...

Kate eonni, have you seen their performances on ink??

They sang only one day and love like this..

They look cool (of course!!)

this is the url


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