Awww... Maknae cried during his last game in MBC. I heard he didn't win. It's alright Hyung Junnie... you did your best. And it's just been a few months, I know that with practice, you'll be able to get your progamer license!

Credit: Pretty Boy + as tagged on pics


gellie said...

..oh, my maknae, why your crying, if ever you lose, its ok, we are here, always at your back, we will support you until the end, maknae baby, i might cry, huhu

Nina Aziz said...

maknae...dun cry...we will always be by ur side!!!aja-aja!!!

KHJBaby:D said...

Big boys don't CRY .. isn't it?

oh... we're just here to support u..

aja! fightinG!! ^^

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