Hyung Jun left a message in MBC Game message board. Apparently, he's going to have a big match on March 17 and he's asking fans for support. We are here to support you Baby! Hope you win so you can get that Progamer's License!!! We're here to cheer you on! Fighting!

Here's the translated message below, thanks to ODE for translating!

[2010.03.14] Annyeonghaseyo. ^-^ yo

Who am I??!! This is progamer Kim. Hyung. Jun who has been displaying his progamer image these days to all of you out there!

If I have thoughts of impersonation, that won't do ne. I'm the real Kim.Hyung.Jun.

What else but none other than..; in this month, there is no keoriji match (name of match)

Have to use other ways to obtain the Jun-pro license/certificate.

What~?! Your man your girl~ None other than.. (ie; exactly ... 'you' - meaning)

There are also trainee dongsaengs amongst our MBC Game HERO players ne.

Along with my 3 friends, we did the assessment/evaluation (to get cert), if I won two of them amongst those 3 friends (of mine), only then would I be able to get the cert under recommendation by the PD! ㅠㅡㅠ heukheuk (expression; helpless, unbelievable) It's difficult isn't it..

During times when I seem like I need everyone's support, which is why I wrote this post like this.

As for the venue, it is Yung-deungpo-gu, Munrae-dong, LOOX MBC Game HERO Center

Date of match will be on 2010 March 17, Wednesday, at 5pm.

Ah! Arrive one hour early, you would be watching the match along with our bonbangs at 5pm too! OmoOmo

This looks really great! Must arrive at 4pm! ^-^ kyakyakyakyakya

This time round, I must win, in front of all of you, PD will give (me) the cert

Want to display it. That's why many many of you should come and give me support

Love you. Love you. Love you.... Besides these words I can't (seem to) say any others ㅠ,ㅠ

I love you (in english, with direct pronunciation with romaji) I love you I love you....
Many of you come and enjoy together! ^-^

ja if so then, I will go to practice now.

Always be healthy and happy!

Look here again!
Please support much.. hing (sound expression)

-Jjoon progamer!-

Official Info. of this event:

When: 2010 March 17, Wednesday ; you may enter beginning from 3.30pm

Venue: Munrae-dong, LOOX MBC Game Hero Center

Items to prepare: Supporter items for Hyung Jun (lightsticks, etc)

Banned items: Cameras (because of filming needs) (Will be moved out by force if caught) ; No shooting with H/P too

Related schedule: Beginning from 3.30pm, you may enter; after which, beginning from 4pm, Episode 8 will begin broadcast; beginning from 5pm, the match will begin

Credits: MBC Progamer webby + 똧또@601 + (Translate) Ode @ 오공일오디
Please repost with full credit


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