Ever since Jung Min's online shopping mall opened, and I've watched his show/documentary What Women Want, I've been really curious what his office will look like once it's finished. I guess it's still a work in progress, but here are some pics in it's initial stage. I'm sure that once Mal is finished with it, it will look great! His business is really beginning to take off, huh? Anybody know the address to his office? Kekeke. For those who haven't checked yet, visit Royal Avenue now!

Picture Credit: LoVeCryZh絕對不花(charlene)

Royal Avenue Notice Of Employment

After Jung Min's online mall opening, other than special events and special purchase benefits, CEO Park is also starting to employ staff.

Work with Royal Avenue!

Finding Family
  • Recruitment jobs
  • Web Designer
  • MD-Managing Director/Media Director
  • Fitting Model
  • Photo (Don't know what this means)
Apply here:
(Only email will be accepted)

Credit: Royalave (www.royalave.com) + (Translation) YoungSaengTW.com


mokona said...

i wanna work there!!! XD

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